Ishq Wala Love SOTY Singer Neeti Mohan: "Getting Married To Nihar Pandya On Valentine's Day, But No Honeymoon Soon"

Congratulations! You are getting married on February 14...

Yes, that's right. I am marrying Nihar Pandya, whom I know now since a year.

How did Nihar and you meet?

We both have strong values and quite similar ones. I think Jimmy knew that, and trust me, he was very sure that we would click. He introduced us at a wedding, where Nihar was accompanied by his parents. They met me very warmly and there was an instant connect with not just Nihar but also his family members.

And then?

After that, Nihar met my parents. My Dad loved him almost instantly. He used to keep saying, "I have four daughters. Why is none of them getting married?" (laughs).

So you knew Nihar was the right guy for you?

Yes, as I said almost instantly, and my conviction became stronger by the day.

Has the engagement happened?

Nope. All functions on February 14 and 15. Engagement nahin hui hai, but doni ki families have given a word to each other and blessed us.

What do you like about NIhar- hair/looks?

Well, I am beyond gauging a person based on his looks. I try to gauge the inner core of the person, which I think is so prevalent in NIhar.

And what does he like about you the most?

(Laughs) Aise koi poochta thodai hai that what you like about me the most?

Are you guys moving into a separate house after shaadi, or...?

Nope. I am moving into his house and will stay with his family. And trust me again, I am really looking forward to that.


Not decided, but it will have to wait. I have a couple of assignments going on.

Image Source:Instagram/nihaarpandya,neetimohan18

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