Ishqbaaz 12 October 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Rudra humiliates Bhavya at a party while Shivika have a massive argument

Ishqbaaz 12 October 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: In the party, Rudra again taunts Bhavya indirectly calling her corrupt.

Ishqbaaz starts with Anika thinking that she has to drag the event further till Shivaay comes. She calls Ms Maya a singer to perform for the guests. Tej tells Shakti that Shukla will make an attempt to meet Shivaay and they have to stop him somehow. All the Oberoi’s look tensed. Pinky sees Shukla who tells her not to shoot at him. Jhanvi and Pinky run after him. Post that, Shukla spots Abhay in the party and gets scared. He decides to inform Tej about him. The dancer drags Anika to the stage. Finally, she sees Shukla and recollects he was the man who was fleeing. She goes close to him but bangs against Tanya. She is furious with Anika and breaks her cellphone. Anika thinks how will she call SSO. In the corridor, Shukla sees Tej and goes towards him. But Abhay grabs him. Anika is again left hunting for him. Tej and Shakti look at each other nervously. Abhay attacks Shukla and injures him on the head. Anika is looking for Shukla. Finally, Tej thanks everyone for coming to the Kalyani Mills Memorial. Shukla runs into the hall injured on the head. He is about to tell something to Tej but capsizes on the floor. Anika is shocked. The main door opens and Shivaay walks in. He asks them what is happening at the event?

At Gauri’s home, money-lenders come and ask them to vacate the house. They say you people are living here for free. Gauri requests them for some leniency but they refuse. Omkara/Dilpreet comes there and ask them why are they troubling them. The goons tell him to pay. They refuse to listen to Gauri despite her pleas. Omkara/Dilpreet pays them off saying he is their new tenant. Gauri is shocked. He tells the man to take the money and depart. Omkara tells the men to keep the stuff in proper place.Shivaay tells Anika that he told her to keep a careful watch on the man. Anika says she kept watch but it was Tanya who fought without a reason. SSO says I regret involving you in this matter. Anika tries to explain the situation, but he does not listen. Anika blames him for bringing Tanya at home saying she is a problem. Anika tells Shivaay to tell Tanya to buzz off. They end up having an argument. He calls her careless and angrily breaks his phone. Upset, Anika also breaks her phone. She says even I can break phones if needed. She says screaming will you land you anywhere. Shivaay leaves the spot.

Daadi comes there and she complains how Shivaay hurt her. Daadi says it is ok for husband and wife to fight but they should not be a habit. She says people tend to be rude and the harsh words always leave a scar on the heart. She says, at times, it is more of a woman’s responsibility to save a marriage than a man. She says I will not let our fights impact our marriage. Gauri questions Omkara/Dilpreet why did he pay off the people? He says I am your tenant, and you’re their tenant, so I paid off. He tells Gauri and her mom that he wants to set up a sweet shop in Bareilly. He says he needs a home. Gauri tells him to stay in a hotel. He says I can stay in a hotel but I need home-cooked food, which I can get here. He says I will help in Richa’s wedding preparations too. At a party, Rudra introduces Bhavya as his personal bodyguard. He says in this fashion industry, I am surrounded by good-looking girls so I needed a mature bodyguard. Rudra humiliates Bhavya by breaking a glass and telling her to pick it up. Bhavya gets hurt and Rudra remembers their past. Gauri shows Dilpreet his room. She says the bathroom is outside and water supply is only for a couple of hours. She says he will be more comfortable in a hotel. Gauri looks at him and he asks what happened? She says nothing. Omkara vows to woo her back.

In the party, Rudra again taunts Bhavya indirectly calling her corrupt. Bhavya gets incensed. Rudra says she was a ACP first and has been sacked. He tells her to lower her eyes and talk to him. He says please remember you are talking to your boss. She calls him a man of low morals. Bhavya says she will quit but Rudra reminds her of the contract. She says I quit and if I stay you have to deal with my attitude. Omkara gets food from Gauri and eats it. Shivaay calls him up and he says he will win back his wife. He asks about Kalyani Mills and SSO says we will find out soon. Gauri’s friend’s would be mom-in-law makes heavy demand for dowry and Gauri says it will be met. Omkara worries how will she fulfill it.