Ishqbaaz 13 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Svetlana discovers the key is a duplicate and is furious

Urmimala Banerjee
Ishqbaaz 13 September 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Svetlana discovers the key is a duplicate and is furious. Daadi wonders why Tej is pretending to be Peter

Ishqbaaz starts with Daadi scolding Pinky. She says years back I told Shakti to do something but he did not do it. Pinky says I did not have money. She further says one day the truth will reveal itself. Daadi tells Pinky that she cannot digest the happiness of the house and tells her to behave herself. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) comes there and Daadi changes the topic. Daadi and Pinky exit the place. At that point, Anika gets a call and leaves. Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) explains the plan to Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) that Daadi will call the entire family downstairs and I will spy on her. Gauri tells Bhavya that she is enough for Svetlana. Om (Kunal Jaisingh) comes there and says that Gauri can challenge even wrestlers as she thinks from the heart. Gauri gets emotional and says I feel that even others think from the heart but that does not happen. Bhavya leaves them alone. (Also Read: Zee Rishtey Awards 2017 Winners: Sriti Jha, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Shraddha Arya flaunt their trophies – view pics!)

Om asks Gauri if she is upset. She says no. Om says there is something wrong as your face shows you are upset. Gauri says nothing of that sort. She says if you feel I am stressed, you only pinpoint the reason. Om says as far as I know, nothing of that sort has happened, which should upset you. Gauri says we should let the matter rest then. Om says Gauri, you are beyond my understanding. Bhavya sees Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) taking out a military uniform and thinks what is he upto. Rudra says I am getting into camouflage for the mission tonight. Bhavya says you will look funny in these clothes. He starts laughing. Rudra says I am pulling your leg, BB. She thinks he said Biwi and gets emotional. Rudra says I said BB, not biwi.

Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) tells Tej that Om has threatened to throw them out of the house. She tells him to divert his family’s attention so that she gets a clear road. She says your son has threatened me. Tej says do not forget you are dealing with the Oberoi’s. Svetlana says do not under estimate me. Rudra compliments Daadi for her smart plan of organising a photoshoot for entire family. She tells Khanna to call all the members. Jhanvi comes to Tej/Peter and gives him clothes to wear for the function. She requests him to be Tej for a while. Svetlana says it is not possible. Tej tells her to let him get into the character of Tej for a while. While taking the clothes, Tej gently touches Jhanvi’s hands. Svetlana reminds him that he has to divert their attention. Daadi sees Tej in kurta and gets emotional. He hugs her. Tej stands beside Jhanvi and holds her. Svetlana gets upset. Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) comes and tells Daadi that Anika has gone to Sahil’s school as he is unwell. The photoshoot gets postponed.

Svetlana tells Tej (Mahesh Thakur) to divert attention of the family. Tej holds Daadi and they start dancing. He dances with everyone. Lafzon Ka Rishta plays in the background. Tej dances with Bhavya and tells her to follow Svetlana. Bhavya tells everyone to be ready. Suddenly, the lights go off and everyone takes station at various places. Bhavya says the person seeing Svetlana has to just tell others about her location. She says Svetlana will go for the lock of the key. Svetlana walks down from the stairs and thinks she can reach carefully to her secret. Rudra says she is coming this side and observes her. He says the keys are with her. He says she is looking at the Shiva Parvati murti. Bhavya says I am coming there. Svetlana feels happy knowing that she has finally reached her secret. The keys drop from her hand and she notices that it breaks. Svetlana wonders how could the strong brass key break. She is furious. Rudra tells SSO that she is just staring at the murti. Svetlana spots him and blows off the diya. It is pitch dark. Shivaay turns on the lights and she has vanished. Gauri comes and says she saw Svetlana sleeping in her room.

Bhavya sees a piece from the key and understands what has happened. In her room, Svetlana wonders how did they come to know about her plan. She is damn upset. Tej walks in and asks her if the mission is accomplished. Svetlana says no, someone leaked my plans. Shivaay says if she came here, she must be looking for something. All of them comb the area for something that might be useful for her. Svetlana tells Tej that she is sure, he is helping them. He says your locket has microphones, how can I cheat you. Angry, Svetlana picks up a stick and hits him on the knee. Svetlana says she is not one to feel threatened, she will accomplish what she has come to do. Svetlana hits Tej and says she will stay here till her work gets done. She blackmails him once again.

In the morning, SSO congratulates Om for his art exhibition and says he has to leave for a board meeting. Shivaay asks Om if he asked Gauri for the exhibition. He says she will be bored there. Shivaay tells him to take her along. Svetlana brings a limping Tej and Jhanvi requests Om to let them stay there. Om tells SSO that they will look for any oppotunity. Om leaves for exhibition. Shivaay enters Gauri’s room and tells her to get dressed for Om’s exhibition. He tells her that she is his wife and must go. Shivaay says Om is brainless. Gauri refuses and says she is too self-respecting to go without him inviting her. Shivaay says I really want you to go for the exhibition. He says I really feel you should be there, as his wife. He explains to her to keep her ego aside. Gauri refuses. SSO says we have given you love as our bahu but now you need to be wife. He tells her to dress in her finest and go for the show.

Bhavya is playing with the broken key when Rudra walks inside the room. He says I know this plan failed but I worked hard. He says I want my full salary. Bhavya says because of you, Svetlana understood we were following her. He asks for salary but she refuses. Rudra leaves the room thinking he has failed in the challenge. Bhavya says tonight is the last one and you have to give Rs 25K by night. He says I am leaving to earn the cash. Daadi tells Shakti that Peter is Tej only. She says I don’t know why he is pretending to be Peter. She wonders what can be the reason? Daadi says he has hurt himself, and I am very worried. Shakti says it is confusing but our sons ShivOmRu will solve the matter. She says I am worried for Tej and tells him to look after his brother. Shivaay tells Anika to look after Saahil and bring him home as soon as he recovers.

Pinky tells Daadi that she wants to hold a function for Anika and Shivaay. She says that though I don’t like Anika even now, but I want my son back. Daadi says Shivaay will not accept your proposal. Pinky tells Daadi to request SSO to allow her to do a small function for him. She says as a mother, I am begging from you. Daadi says I will talk to Billu and the final decision will be his.