Ishqbaaz 19th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay develops cardiac irregularities as his heartbeat-read Anika- is no more with him

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Ishqbaaz 19th June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay still loves Sahil and cares for him, Anika stands helpless watching her Shivaay getting uneasy in his chest, Rudra helps Anika see her Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz for the day takes along the paths ShiVika staggers through after their ways separate out. Kamini(Amrapali Gupta) enters Oberoi mansion and asks if she can take her bahu away with her. Shivaay asks Prinku(Subha Rajput) if she wants to leave now or later, Prinku decides to go and Shivaay allows her. priyanka reaches Kamini’s house and Kamini sends Ranvir(Ayush Anand) out to get Prinku’s luggage. Prinku says thank you to Kamini to which Kamini reveals her real colours to Prinku, she says she has brought her here to torture her and take revenge from Oberois. Kamini warns Prinku against telling anything to Shivaay or Ranvir. Sahil unaware of all that has passed between his SSO(Nakuul Mehta) and his Anika(Surbhi Chandna) didi awaits them at his school as he prepares to go off for his school trip. Anika reaches the school but before she can reach Sahil’s side, Shivaay gets there. Sahil hugs his SSO and Shivaay responds with loving caress. Sahil asks about his Anika didi and asks SSO to take care of his Anika didi while he is away though he adds that he is sure that Shivaay will. Shivaay remembers promising Sahil that he will not let anything happen to Anika till the time he is there. Sahil asks for his Anika didi who is now hiding behind a vehicle as she feels broken to see this Shivaay whom she hurt so bad and yet he is here hugging and caring for her brother. Shivaay is left speechless infront of Sahil’s questions. Shivaay hands Sahil over his bag and Sahil is happy he has brought him everything. Shivaay remembers a moment he had with his Anika while she packed Sahil’s bag. Anika was angry with Shivaay that he is spoiling Sahil by fulfilling every one of his wish. Shivaay had gotten all romantic telling her she should let people get spoiled a little and says he wants to get spoiled as he tried getting close to her, she had escaped and gone away. Shivaay asks Sahil to call him everyday once he is there, Shivaay feels Anika’s presence and turns around to look for her but she hides. Shivaay says byes to Sahil and walks away as Anika comes and calls Sahil. She too asks Sahil to call him everyday, Sahil says he would call on SSO’s phone but Anika asks him to call on her phone.(Also Read: Ishqbaaz: Shivaay Singh Oberoi goes BADASS after separation from Anika – view pic)

Shivaay hears a woman calling out for auto and he turns expecting to see his lady anywhere around. He is in a trance as his eyes search for something and so does his poor heart. An auto almost hits him in the middle of the road, the druver comes out and screams at a lost Shivaay. The driver pushes him as Shivaay gets uneasy feeling in his chest. Anika sees her Shivaay being pushed around and also senses something is not right with him. Shivaay sits in his car and speeds away as Anika takes the auto-driver to task. She becomes Shivaay’s “Jhansi ki Rani” as she manhandles the driver for misbehaving with her tadibaaz SSO. Anika then calls up Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo)to check on Shivaay as she senses something is definitely wrong with him. Rudra breaks down the door and enters Shivaay’s room to see Shivaay on the floor. The doctor is called in and check up reveals there is variations in his cardiac conditions. Rudra observes out aloud that when Shivaay’s heartbeats are no more with his heart then his was bound to break. Pinky admonishes Rudra for his observation but Rudra lashes out at her saying this truth is quite visible to everyone and Pinky too knows very well about the reason behind Shivaay’s condition. Shivaay comes back to senses and asks everyone to go to sleep as Rudra informs Anika that Shivaay is stable now. Anika is worried to all extremities and begs Rudra to stay by Shivaay even if he forces him to go away. Rudra promises his beloved Bhabhi that he would take care of her husband and he asks her to take care of herself. Anika asks Rudra if he can video call her once he is with Shivaay as she wants to see her Shivaay once. Rudra gets into Shivaay room and places his phone on video call, on a table so that Anika can see Shivaay. Anika sees Shivaay and cries her heart out. Shivaay again senses her and as he looks around he sees the phone. He takes the phone but not before Anika has hung up.

Precap: The old “Deal wala” SSO is back as he talks on phone about some deal and drives his car. Suddenly a girl jumps infront of his car and he applies breaks.

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