ISRO shares first glimpse of GISAT-1 satellite, gears up for launch next week

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Friday shared the first glimpse of Geo Imaging Satellite-1 (GISAT-1), that is scheduled to be launched on March 5 at 17:43 hours. The launch will be done through GSLV-F10 rocket. The satellite will be launched from Sriharikota. It will be the country’s first agile Earth observation satellite, that will be in operation from Geostationary orbit. The image has been shared by the ISRO on its Twitter handle, showing the satellite in two halves of GSLV-F10’s payload fairing.

According to the ISRO, the satellite has a weight of about 2,268 kg. It is also the first observation satellite for Earth, which will be placed in Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit. It is expected to reach the final orbit through the use of an onboard propulsion system.

Apart from this, "a 4-metre diameter Ogive shaped payload fairing" will also be flying during GSLV flight for the first time. The latest launch will be the fourteenth flight of the GSLV."

The space research organisation will send a large number of earth observation (EO) satellites. Of these earth observation (EO) satellites, around ten were planned in the financial year 2020-21, a report by ISRO has said. This has introduced Geo Imaging Satellite, GISAT-1 for the first time.

Apart from this, ISRO also planned five satellites for the next fiscal. This includes two navigation satellites and three communication satellites. Also, ISRO’s annual plan also mentioned about 36 missions which included both launchers and satellites.

For the ongoing financial year, while ISRO suggested six earth observation satellites, two are due to launch. As per the reports, India’s premier space research organisation is also planning to add 8 EO satellites in the financial year 2022.

It may be noted that the registration to witness the entire mission at Launch View Gallery, SHAR Sriharikota has started from 1000 hrs today.