'It's on': How newspapers around the world covered Pelosi's launch of impeachment inquiry into Trump


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump dominated the front pages of newspapers in the United States and around the world Wednesday.

While most covers opted for straight headlines stating the news, some used quotes from Pelosi’s announcement — “No one is above the law” — and others characterized it as a showdown between the Democratic speaker and the de facto leader of the Republican Party, President Trump. (Yahoo News)

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Pelosi opens impeachment inquiry Los Angeles Times Published in Los Angeles, Calif. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi launches an impeachment probe The Denver Post Published in Denver, Colo. USA. (newseum.org)
House begins Trump inquiry The Hill Published in Washington, D.C. USA. (newseum.org)
House opens impeachment inquiry The Washington Post Published in Washington, D.C. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi Orders Impeachment Inquiry Miami Herald Published in Miami, Fla. USA. (newseum.org)
House Democrats launch impeachment inquiry The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published in Atlanta, Ga. USA. (newseum.org)
"No One Is Above The Law" Chicago Sun-Times Published in Chicago, Ill. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi Opens Formal Impeachment Probe Chicago Tribune Published in Chicago, Ill. USA. (newseum.org)
A step toward impeachment The Boston Globe Published in Boston, Mass. USA. (newseum.org)
Impeachment inquiry begins Detroit Free Press Published in Detroit, Mich. USA. (newseum.org)
Impeachment push begins Star Tribune Published in Minneapolis, Minn. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi: House will open impeachment inquiry The Kansas City Star Published in Kansas City, Mo. USA. (newseum.org)
House Launches Impeachment Inquiry St. Louis Post-Dispatch Published in St. Louis, Mo. USA. (newseum.org)
Dems open inquiry into impeachment Las Vegas Review-Journal Published in Las Vegas, Nev. USA. (newseum.org)
It's On New York Daily News Published in New York, N.Y. USA. (newseum.org)
Impeaching To The Choir New York Post Published in New York, N.Y. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi Will Open Formal Impeachment Inquiry, Accusing President Of ‘Betrayal’ Of The Nation The New York Times Published in New York, N.Y. USA. (newseum.org)
Taking The Leap The Columbus Dispatch Published in Columbus, Ohio USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi: House launches impeachment inquiry The Plain Dealer Published in Cleveland, Ohio USA. (newseum.org)
Impeachment Probe Opened The Philadelphia Inquirer Published in Philadelphia, Pa. USA. (newseum.org)
Impeachment inquiry set The Dallas Morning News Published in Dallas, Texas USA. (newseum.org)
"No One Is Above The Law" The Salt Lake Tribune Published in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. (newseum.org)
House to start impeachment inquiry Richmond Times-Dispatch Published in Richmond, Va. USA. (newseum.org)
Pelosi sets stage for historic clash with formal investigation of Trump The Seattle Times Published in Seattle, Wash. USA. (newseum.org)
Impeachment inquiry for Trump begins Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Published in Milwaukee, Wis. USA. (newseum.org)


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