IU Reveals About New Allergies She Is Facing Due To Her Weakening Immune System

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IU won awards Song of the Year and Song Division awards at the 35th Golden Disc Awards and in the following backstage interview, she shared her true thoughts on her accomplishment.

After thanking her fans and fellow staff of her agency, IU greeted the hairstylists of the salon she frequently visits and that’s when she revealed the truth of her health.

“The truth is, I’ve recently developed many allergies due to my weakening immune system.”

The reason she brought this up because she wanted to apologize to her hairstylists for the extra work they put in due to her new allergies.

“There are many products I can no longer use, I can’t use sprays, and I can’t use oils, so I’ve become a very picky customer at the salon.”

She thanked her stylist for taking good care of her

“Thank you for worrying and studying more than I do. I’ll get better soon and become healthy.”

IU is recently working on her new album and she might be over working which has led to decline of her health.