Izzie Stevens returning on 'Grey's Anatomy'? Katherine Heigl drops hints

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Izzie Stevens returning on
Izzie Stevens returning on

29 Jan 2021: Izzie Stevens returning on 'Grey's Anatomy'? Katherine Heigl drops hints

Katherine Heigl, the ever-pretty and confident Izzie Stevens of Grey's Anatomy, might get back to say "hi" to her hospital bestie Meredith Grey.

That's because Heigl said there might be a possibility that she'd return to her most famous TV role if asked to.

Izzie started out as a surgical intern and was a main role in the medical drama from 2005 to 2010.

'Grey's Anatomy': Question was, 'Would you ever go back for a scene?'

The 42-year-old gave this speculative yet promising answer during an interview with Daily Pop, when she was asked about the current slew of cameos featuring notable alum of the show such as Patrick Dempsey and TR Knight.

"Would you ever go back for a scene," she was asked, to which she replied, "You know, I just...I don't know, but I would never say never."

Speculation: Will Heigl be the next cameo to wait for?

Heigl's consent over a possible return brings a whole new light to the future of the show, which is focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and another batch of new and promising interns, who are learning the ropes of medicine at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

After news broke about Dempsey's return in November 2020, executive producers Andy Reaser and Meg Martinis said more are coming!

Details: Dempsey, Knight cameos made 17th and current season interesting

Dempsey and Knight were the two big attractions for its 17th and current season.

While the former returned to his role of surgeon Derek Shepherd, who was the husband of main character Meredith Grey in the popular medical drama, Knight reprised his most popular role of surgical intern George O'Malley on the show.

The two dead characters were shown as part of Grey's imagination.

Backdrop: Heigl's Emmy pull-out in 2008 insulted show creator Shonda Rhimes

Heigl, a 2007 Emmy winner and one of the most attractive Hollywood actresses to date, had a public fallout with show creator Shonda Rhimes when she pulled back her nomination from Emmys 2008, citing her character wasn't "given the material" to guarantee a win.

That reportedly insulted Rhimes, who released Heigl's contract when she didn't turn up on set on March 11, 2010.

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