Jack Dean – A Remarkable Unfolding Success Story From Humble Beginnings to Bespoke Jewellery Designer

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When it comes to modern day jewellery commissions, there is only a particular selection of premium designers who are capable of consistently producing such outstanding craftsmanship. May it be a unique engagement ring for that all important special moment or a one of one custom made piece. From high profile public figures to elite athletes all around the world, Jack Dean has mastered his way to the number one choice.

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The entrepreneur born in November 1992 carried his reputable nickname ‘Jeweller Jack’ from Sheffield across the UK for 18 months before subsequently incorporating his private limited company Jeweller Jack Ltd. Now 4 and a half years in, he continues to revolutionise the jewellery game. Having come from a sporting background himself, Jack and his team are working tirelessly around the clock to create and hand manufacture some of the most exclusive gold and diamond designs on the market.

He says “When I first started out selling jewellery back in late 2017, I was dubbed ‘Jeweller Jack’ and it stuck from there really. I was nonstop everyday, deals were coming in thick and fast to a point where one afternoon I was sitting with my accountant in his office, my dad and second cousin joined us, we had a good chat and the following day I registered the company. The rest is history.”

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He soon became enamored by the results of his efforts and input. On the phone all day long to negotiate precious metal and gemstone costs from suppliers whilst responding to large numbers of enquiries from his rapidly expanding clientele. “I learnt very quickly how to work and perform under pressure. Some nights I would put my phone down, check the time and it would be stupid o’clock”. Evidently at this point Jack was well on course to execute his business strategy and pave his own lane in the industry.

When asked about his personal wear and his favourite pieces from his own luxury collection he says “Well, it’s funny actually, I spent some time with one well known jeweller at the start, he has over 40 years in the game, owns 4 shops and is worth millions. He would let me use his workshop at my will for polishing or adjustments on bits. One day I asked him why he never wore any jewellery at all. He said ‘I never have done, it’s just part of my mystique. Be different Jack’. That made me think and it did him no harm as far as business goes, so I ran with the idea. Don’t get me wrong I have some amazing pieces secured in safety deposit boxes dotted around”.

The true unfolding story of his success can only be deemed remarkable. Even so, while people may only see beautiful gold and diamonds created and commissioned by Jack for prestigious status clients, it took years of hard work and commitment to get where he is today. The Jeweller Jack Ltd brand didn’t just happen overnight. His beginnings were as humble as they come and today he’s reaping all the rewards as one of the most renowned bespoke jewellery designers in Europe.