Jack Murphy Is Proving That A Vision Is More Than Just Your Age

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At 23-years-old, American entrepreneur and visionary Jack Murphy has gone through a lot of ups and downs in the business world, but today, he is sitting back and enjoying the millions with his family he has made due to his intuition and process.

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While he started his e-commerce store and website I Love My Freedom back in his college dorm room, the patriotic gear company has scaled from $0 to over $25 million in just a few short years.

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So, while some entrepreneurs and business CEOs have worked countless years to scale their companies, Jack has managed to do it quickly and effectively. Does his age matter though? Should young people drop out of school and instead invest in their passions? Jack tells Yahoo!, If you have big goals in life and know the general direction you want to head in business, absolutely. True knowledge and wisdom comes from doing, not from sitting in a classroom being forced to learn out of outdated textbooks or doing assignments on things that truly don’t excite you. I believe traditional college education needs massive reform to be relevant in our rapidly changing economy and digital world. Degrees are becoming more and more irrelevant when it comes to the business world. I believe your network and your effort to cultivate a vision all matter far more than your age. However, age can also be the advantage to having a deeper network and having committed more time and effort toward a vision. I’m grateful to have grown up during the most transformative era in American history and got to experience technology at a young age. For certain businesses, it really just comes down to experience and desire.”

As for his advice to others wanting to scale and be making millions, “Follow your passion, never stop learning, and in the end provide value to others as much as possible to continue leveling up your network. There’s a niche for everything and if you’re pursuing something you love, you have a much bigger likelihood of being able to handle the roller coaster that business typically is. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to wear a lot of hats, go through difficult times, and never give up on yourself.”
The future for Jack looks bright, as his vision and goals continue to come forward, which gives hope to other young entrepreneurs pushing their own paths ahead. As for what’s next for Jack, his vision in words: “I aim to become a leader in the digital marketing community and eventually become an influence on the entire business world and make a massive positive impact in our country. I also hope to inspire thousands of other young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.”

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