Jad Kantari, An Inspirational Story of Learning Life Lessons and Moving Forward Exploring New Avenues in E-Commerce

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An inspiring story of a young entrepreneur who now runs a multi-million-dollar e-commerce business, Jad Kantari. See for yourself how he managed to overcome all the hurdles and difficulties and kept moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm. See how he managed to overcome his debt and grow his business further.

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The Path is Never Easy

We all often do not have a perfect start, no matter whatever journey we may have undertaken. Things do not tend to be ideal for any of us. But coping with all these odds and emerging out victorious is what this life is all about. Much similar is the story of this young entrepreneur, Jad Kantari. He is a big-time social media influencer, a progressive entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. You must have heard about him if you surf the social media platforms even a bit.

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Move Ahead of Time

You would have heard the phrase transforming with time and adopting changes. Jad can be regarded as the living depiction of that very phrase since he did not open his eyes in somewhat ideal conditions for a business or an entrepreneurial venture to thrive. Born in Lebanon, he knew that although the conditions were livable there, still, if he wanted to be in the big league, he would need to move to the first world, more precisely, the land of dreams and opportunities, the US.

Being Positive Since Childhood

Right from his early childhood, he wanted to be a footballer. But knowing the beat of the moment, he realized pretty soon that the circumstances were not that much favoring him in that regard. Hence, he decided to shift his interest to a more promising field. It made him pursue an engineering degree at the University of South California in The States. Although moving all alone into a new country was a big decision in itself, but he remained steadfast and devoted and did not pay heed to the obstacles and hindrances posed in his way. Instead, he had quite a logical approach to things.

Never be Afraid!

Jad manifested all those hardships in his favors by making them his life lessons. He learned a lot from those hard times. Perhaps, the refined survival instincts that we witness in him are the results of that tenure.

Setting up His Own Business

Anyway, right after graduating from USC with flying colors, he landed a job in a multi-national engineering firm with quite a handsome yearly income. Now, this is the point from where he gets distinguished from the rest of the millennials. Despite having that continuous and, what we call a secure source of income, there was an urge inside him to begin his business venture.

The Inspiration Behind

Jad got this entrepreneurial inspiration directly from his uncle, who also had to bear hardships. But in the end, he was successful in establishing his business setup. However, there was no support system for young Jad in America as he was in a new country without his friends and family.

The e-Commerce Journey

Launching his first e-commerce business at that time changed his life entirely. In the beginning, it took a bit of time for him to get used to that jazz. We can say that he learned his lessons the hard way, as he lost over ten thousand dollars running Facebook ads that didn’t serve much, unfortunately. However, after six months, things started making sense. The biggest challenge for him was the credit card debt that he had on his name that too worth $10,000, owing to those Facebook ads. However, he tackled it quite wisely and got rid of it once his business started making some fat stacks after six months.

Launching 4 Brands

He has successfully built four brands of his own and has grown his team to 25 seasoned professionals having profound experience in their fields. It was just the matter of getting started and getting ahold of it as he began making about $1,20,000 per month, making him earn over 13 million through his sales, that too in an astonishingly short span of six months. But all this success also demanded from him upping his e-commerce game a notch. He took some legit and certified online e-commerce courses and also attended a couple of seminars and conferences to get an idea of the ground level and all the ins and outs of this field. So, he had to spend some bucks for that as well, around $12,000.

The Lessons He Learnt

All this experience left him with a couple of life lessons. The first one was never to put all your eggs in one basket. Jad strongly advises the millennials out there to have multiple sources of income in their hands. Relying on a single business as your sole income stream is possibly the worst thing you can do to your younger self. If you want every month of yours somewhat profitable, having multiple entrepreneurial ventures is the best way to go. Besides, it also adds a lot to your portfolio. Your skills get more sharpened doing so, and you also get to know how to multi-task most efficiently. And the contacts that you build during all this experience are just the icing on the top!

Keep Track of Your Numbers

Secondly, Jad believes that you should only take well-calculated risks, and you should be well aware of the consequences of each of your steps. Moreover, he also emphasizes knowing the details of your business. You should be in the loop throughout the process. You cannot just let your business roll on the command of someone else, even if that someone is your trusted ally.

Mentoring the Youth

Now when he has reached the status of running a multi-million-dollar e-commerce empire, he is keen on mentoring youth. Jad knows that people of this age often need some necessary counseling to get them through the perplexing dilemmas they have to face. He also infuses the spirit and courage to pursue their passion without being under any peer pressure.

Still, More Ground to Cover!

Looking forward to the future, this young man is not looking back any soon as he aims to expand his operation worldwide. If one wants to excel, there is no limit to it. You have to be ready to face all those hardships and don’t get disappointed. Persistence is the key here, as success doesn’t happen overnight.