Jagjit Singh Birth Anniversary Special: 9 Ghazals From Movies Sung By The Legendary Singer Which Make Us Miss Him More Everyday

Moumita Bhattacharjee
·3-min read

Jagjit Singh once famously sang, 'Hothon se chu lo tum, meri geet amar kar do'. Thanks to that, all his songs are now immortal because he sang them. There cannot be a better ode to the brilliant Jagjit Singh than his own song which just doesn't get old. The beauty of a JS track is it's timelessness. They never get influenced or ruined by the changing times. Every time you hear his voice singing one of these beautiful filmy ghazals, you believe the world has become a better place. The slow, lilting texture of his tracks helps you take a few minutes to slow down and lose yourself in a trance that's satisfying. Jagjit Singh wasn't a musician, he was a magician! Kaagaz Ki Kashti Trailer: A Ride Into Legendary Jagjit Singh’s Life That You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

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On his birth anniversary today, the only way we can show our gratitude for those fantastic melodies is to revisit all his classics. The tracks leave you in a thought-provoking and sometimes, a happy place.

Hothon se chulo tum - Prem Greet

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A beckon of hope in a life that's being ravaged by its treachery...this love song can make even a stone fall in love. Jagjit Singh's lingering voice stays with you much after you have stopped listening to it on loop.

Tum itna jo muskura rahi ho - Arth

What should we say about this song? Everything we ever wanted to tell someone who is hurting is right here. The soft and persuasive voice of Singh will make anyone talk about their perils. The first line of the song is such a popular conversation starter!

Tumko dekha to ye khayal aya - Saath Saath

Jagjit Singh used to make even the saddest lyrics sound like there's light at the end of the tunnel. This song is a perfect example of that. Man stressed about life finds solace in love...

Chitthi na koi sandesh - Dushman

If you listen to this song independent of the visuals, it's still heartbreaking. The visuals just make it gut-wrenching. Add to that Singh's soft and sorrow-filled voice, tears are guaranteed.

Hoshwalon ko khabar - Sarfarosh

We would do anything to have someone sing this to us exactly like Jagjit Singh. Love, romance and desire couldn't have been described in any better way.

Badi nazuk hai - Joggers Park

The use of tabla merging with western arrangements is such a soothing melody and then there's Jagjit Singh's sweet voice. Such an amazing combo!

Kiska chehra ab mei dekhun - Tarkieb

Falling in love is such a beautiful experience and it gets accentuated further if you have someone dedicating this Jagjit Singh number to you. That's another issue that you will be in love with the man because of Singh!

Koi fariyaad - Tum Bin

This song gives goosebumps every time it is played. Jagjit Singh's voice is perfectly assisted by the music arrangements making it the most hauntingly heartbreaking melody ever heard.

Listening to Jagjit Singh's these songs on his birth anniversary made us tell him, "Aankhon mei nami, hasi labon par, kya haal hai kya dikha rahe hai.'

We so miss you, Jagjit saab!