Jaideep Ahlawat on social media outrage on Bollywood: Some people blindly follow news channels

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Mumbai, Oct 25 (PTI) Actor Jaideep Alahwat on Sunday said the social media wave against Bollywood is merely a smokescreen and one should not engage in fighting it as it's pointless.

The industry has been under a cloud since actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death in June, with accusations regarding Bollywood's ill-treatment of outsiders and its apparent rampant drug culture as well as social media conspiracy theories regarding the industry's functioning.

At a virtual panel discussion at the ongoing India Film Project, the 'Paatal Lok' star said most of the accounts engaging in the vilification of the industry are fake.

'What's happening on social media, it's all smoke, not the sky. There's no logic in what they say. News channels tell them 'this is nepotism, they are druggies' and they just follow.

'More than half of them are fake. You can't fight with them. You should rather do your work and concentrate on that,' he added.

'Article 15' actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, who was also part of the panel discussion, said there is no doubt that favouritism exists in the industry but he didn't understand the sudden euphoria around it.

'The noise that people are making, it's actually nothing. Everyone currently is just angry. We all needed a punching bag,' he added.

While the conversation around nepotism has intensified in the last few months, Ahlawat said it's baffling how only Bollywood is being singled out.

'Doesn't it happen in politics, corporate, our own homes? I call it favouritism, which you can't get rid off in a society. You'll find it everywhere. Either you get bogged down by it or work so hard that it stops bothering.

'Or you sit at home, thinking all star children are getting work in Mumbai so when we will get a chance. How do I fight a fact that someone comes from a film family? I can't. But I can change my outlook,' he said.

Ahlawat said several outsiders have come to the industry and have not only found like minded colleagues - translating into a long-standing working collaboration - but have also received love from the audience.

The actor observed, it is ironic how people call out star kids and their privilege, when they themselves are guilty of putting them on a pedestal in the first place.

'When they (star children) join Twitter, Facebook or any other social media, they get millions of followers overnight. Isn't the audience giving them that? So why are they (people) abusing? 'You give them that pedestal and then also abuse them. Where's the point in this?' he added. PTI JUR RDS SHD SHD

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