How Jaime Morton-Hawley Became a Leading Dubai Influencer


Lifestyle Influencer and Digital Content Creator Jaime Morton-Hawley is making waves in Dubai with her authentic message. Her well-established 15 year-long career as a published photographer began with shooting weddings, events and real estate. She soon found her passion for portraiture andhas now been featured in over 40 international magazines including:Maxim Italia, Playboy Philippines, and FHM India.Jaime has brought her brand of creativity to her personal social platforms and combined it with her passions and authentic voice.With over 73-thousand followers on her Instagram account, Jaime focuses much of her attention on Beauty, Style and Lifestyle content.

“I moved to Dubai with my family a few years ago and decided to use my photography skills to develop my career as a digital content creator. I think my career really influences everything that I do now, what I post and what brands I work with.”

Collaborating with notable brands Nars Cosmetics, Fujifilm, Nokia, Empire Movies, Dell Computers and UAE Tourism Boards, Jaime has become a noteworthy creative in the region. She has also developed a lifestyle blog dedicated to what she loves and loves to share.Her talents caught the attention of Editors at WKND magazine and has now been published tenfold as a contributing beauty columnist for the Dubai publication. And with all of her recent accomplishments, she claims her online community follows her for her authentic approach to the influencer-saturated platform.

“Trying to do whatever is trending doesn’t work for me. Bringing my authentic self to the Instagram platform has truly helped me grow and maintain a core community.Everything I’ve done and learned in my life helps me create and cultivate thecontent I post on the Instagram account I now have.”

She admits it hasn’t been an easy road, as her introverted personality often clashes with the extroverted lifestyle of social media influencers. PR parties and press events, brand launches and public speaking doesn’t come naturally to her. In 2019, she spoke about her life as an influencer on 103.8 Dubai Eye radio, talking about multitasking her life as a wife, mother of 2 and professional woman all while having a presence on social media.

“I really appreciate being privy to advanced details about product releases and speaking to marketing executives and brand owners about the brands. That truly is a value to me and really feeds my passions.Honestly, being a public person in any capacity can have negativity connected to it. I try not to entertain that type of energy come at it with compassion which tends to works out.”

2020 Looks to be quite an adventurous year of opportunities for Jaime. She is adding “drone pilot” to her skillset and aims to grow her 1.5 million views on Google to 3 million. For now, she embarks on her second year as a lead ambassador for the Middle East Film and Comic Con, taking her on-camera skills to the convention floor doing event commentating and celebrity interviews.

You can follow Jaime on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok: @JaimeMortonHawley and visit her blog:

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