James Blunt admits he plays 'You're Beautiful' to get customers to leave his pub

Julia Hunt
James Blunt attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2019 photocall (Carlos Dafonte/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

James Blunt has revealed he plays his much-maligned hit You’re Beautiful to chase people out of his pub.

The singer’s 2005 track topped the charts in the UK and in several countries around the world but the fact it was played so much became a long-standing joke.

And the star himself has since admitted the song was “annoying”.

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Blunt now owns a pub in London and said when it’s time for last orders, he gives the tune a blast to get the punters to drink up and go home.

He told The Project: “We play You're Beautiful at five to midnight to clear people out!”

James Blunt performing in Atlanta. (Robb D. Cohen/Invision/AP)

Host Lisa Wilkinson asked if customers started to pair up when they hear the romantic track, but Blunt replied: “No, no, there is just a natural reaction that they want to get the hell out of this place!”

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The singer bought the pub in Chelsea – which is named The Fox & Pheasant - in 2017, and previously told the Daily Mail he was “a very hands-on landlord”..

Blunt is also known for tracks such as Goodbye My Lover and Stay The Night.

He wrote his latest single, Monsters, for his father Colonel Charles Blount, who is battling stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

The star revealed on Good Morning Britain this week that his dad is set to have a kidney transplant.

“I’m touching a lot of wood at the moment,” said the 45-year-old.