James McAvoy has no interest in being the next James Bond

McAvoy also told that his character from Atomic Blonde is anti-Bond...

Hollywood actor James McAvoy has said he is not keen on the idea of playing James Bond as he doesn’t think the role wouldn’t suit him. The 38-year-old actor said he has no interest in being Daniel Craig’s successor. “Have I been in the running? (Is it the dream role for actors?) Apparently so but not for me. It wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t suit me,” McAvoy said.

The actor plays a covert spy, David Percival, opposite Charlize Theron in Cold War thriller Atomic Blonde. When asked about the difference between his character and Bond, McAvoy told Skynews that his Atomic Blonde character is “anti-Bond”. “He’s the anti-Bond. He doesn’t wear a suit, he doesn’t drink martinis. Well, maybe he does – he drinks a lot. I’m sure martinis have been in there somewhere. He smokes, does large amounts of drugs and he’s riddled with sexual infections – some not even known to man. He’s not in your typical guise of a spy – he’s everything Bond isn’t and loves it, and he probably loves the spy game a little too much,” he said. Also read: Atomic Blonde movie review: Charlize Theron is unbelievably sexy and badass in this slick action thriller

“There isn’t as much effort put into the actual goal. We’re dissecting the glamorous side of spying with Charlize and then the crustier hobo perspective with my character. It feels very balanced,’ the actor added.