Janhvi Kapoor Reveals The Best Compliment She Received From 'Bhaiya' Arjun Kapoor For 'Dhadak'

Amongst the next gen who are making their way in Bollywood, including Ishaan Khatter, Ananya Panday, Tara Sutaria, Sara Ali Khan, Karan Deol and many more; is Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter, Janhvi Kapoor. Being the daughter of one the most talented veteran actresses, Sridevi, Janhvi’s big break is the most-talked-about debut of Bollywood. (Also Read: Arjun And Anshula Kapoor Showcase Their Reaction on Half-Sister, Janhvi's 'Dhadak' Trailer)

Janhvi Kapoor has impressed one and all with only the glimpse of her performance in Dhadak’s trailer, the Hindi remake of the Marathi blockbuster, Sairat. In one of the ongoing promotions of her film, Dhadak, Janhvi talked about the immense support and compliments she has been receiving from her family, especially her elder brother, Arjun Kapoor.  

When asked about a special compliment from Arjun that she’ll remember all her life, Janhvi was quoted as saying, “Arjun Bhaiya ne actually jab who mujhse mile unhone bola k aisa lag raha hai k aapne honest kaam kiya hai, koi heroine ki acting nahi kar rahe, aap honestly aapka kirdaar nibhane ki koshish kar rahe hai. Main bahut khush hui ye sun ke. (Arjun Kapoor told me that I have done an honest job in the film and that I am not trying to act like a heroine. She said that Arjun Kapoor told her that she has performed honestly and that she was extremely happy to hear that)”



In the same interview, Janhvi also revealed how her father, Boney Kapoor reacted to her performance in Dhadak. Janhvi imitated and quoted him, “Wow, what natural acting you are doing. Papa actually reacts in sounds so if he is happy he does a ‘hmmm’. And if he doesn’t like something, he does a ‘hmph’. So the tone of his voice is how we figure out if he is happy or not.” (Also Checkout: 10 Half-Sibling Jodis Of Bollywood And The Unusual Relationship They Share With Each Other)



When asked how difficult it was for her to get back to work after her mother, Sridevi passed away, Janhvi admitted, ‘’It hasn’t been an easy experience. My work and my family have given me the strength to go on. If it wasn’t for coming back to the sets of Dhadak or being able to act, I think it would have been much tougher than what it is now. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work in the film and act. It saved me in many ways.” (Also Read: Janhvi Kapoor Breaks Down As She Misses Her Mom Sridevi Kapoor At The 'Dhadak' Trailer Launch)

In an interview with Mumbai Tak, Janhvi also stated, “I take his advice very seriously. I look upto him. Abhi abhi main London main unse mili thi aur trailer abhi abhi launch hua tha aur maine kuch comments padhe aur main thodi low thi aur unhone mujhe salah di aur himmat di ke tum acting se itna pyaar karti ho aur kaam karte raho, aur kuchh manye nahi rakhta. (Recently, I met him in London after the trailer launch and I was feeling low after reading a few comments. He advised me to continue working and not think about anything else as I love acting so much).”

At the wrap-up celebrations of Arjun Kapoor’s upcoming film, Namaste England, Arjun opened up about Dhadak and his sister, Janhvi’s work. He remarked, “Ishaan Khatter was superb in Beyond the Clouds and I am hoping the audience will give the same amount of appreciation and love to Janhvi as they have given to all other members of our family. Ishaan and Janhvi are really in good hands so, I hope everything will be good with them and rest depends on the audience.”

Further speaking about Janhvi, he asserted, “I am very happy for her. I know how important for debutantes to have the right team behind them. Many new faces are launched every year, but the presentation of Dhadak feels good. Shashank (Khaitan) is a great director and Ishaan (Khatter) is superb. Based on the trailer, it looks like they have all worked very hard. I hope Jhanvi gets the same love that all the rest of our family members have got.” (Also Read: Arjun Kapoor Apologises To Janhvi Kapoor For Not Being There By Her Side At Dhadak's Trailer Launch)

Recently, a video of Janhvi Kapoor dancing on Arjun Kapoor’s debut film, Ishaqzaade’s song, Jhalla Wallah, went viral on social media. Though Janhvi is making her debut in Bollywood, but it seems like that she’s a star in the making. With the latkas and jhatkas, we are super-excited to watch Janhvi on the party song from her own film Dhadak, Zingaat. Check out her video of grooving at a family function on Jhallah Wallah:



Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter have increased the curiosity of the audience in their debut film, Dhadak with their sparkling chemistry.

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