Janice and Gunther from 'Friends' are up for a reboot for the show's 25th anniversary

It’s been nearly 25 years since Friends first premiered and infiltrated the homes of people all over the world for a 10-season run. Still, a couple of the show’s actors feel like it was just yesterday that the whole gang was hanging out in their New York City apartments and lounging on the famous orange couch in Central Perk.

Yahoo Entertainment caught up with two fan favorites — Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, and James Michael Tyler, better known as Gunther — on that very couch at the Friends pop-up experience in New York, where the duo reflected on the time that has passed.

When asked about the memories, Wheeler couldn’t help but laugh, in true Janice fashion of course.

“When I first received the audition material, it said ‘fast-talking New Yorker’ at the top,” Wheeler said of the origin of Janice’s voice. “I just really heard her. I heard her in the rhythm of the writing, and I just thought, OK, I know how I want play it.”

Years later, Wheeler is still being recognized and asked to speak in the iconic voice. Tyler admitted he’s a little more incognito after getting rid of Gunther’s bleach blonde hair.

“When I had the Gunther hair, it would get kind of out of control if I went to a city where the show was specifically popular,” Tyler explained. “I would have to definitely put on a hat, and still get recognized. But like this, not so much.”

Still, the pair would be up for exploring who both Janice and Gunther would be 25 years after the show first aired if a reboot was ever in the works.

“Maybe the Janice and Gunther Show,” Tyler suggested.

The Friends pop-up experience in New York City is open now through Oct. 6.

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