Jannat Zubair On Social Media: There Is A Lot Of Pressure & Competition About Being On It

Waiz Ahmed
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Tu Aashiqui fame teen-star Jannat Zubair has amassed a huge fan following on various social media platforms. However, the actress who had over 28 million followers on TikTok is not distressed or disappointed about the government's decision to ban the app.

Jannat shared, "I support the government's ban and I am not really feeling bad about it. In fact, I have been on the platform for a while but I would post on and off and it's only since the lockdown that I started posting often. And I am on other platforms where my fans can interact with me and catch up on my videos and get updates on me."

On being quizzed about her experience of being on social media, she said, "Social media is wonderful but being a public figure, one has to face things/ comments on platforms sometimes as people often judge you for what you said or didn't say. It is a never-ceasing pressure but other than that the love I have got from followers on my various handles has been splendid."

The 18-year-old then went on to add, "Today, there is a lot of pressure and competition about being on social media, especially in teenagers and collegiates. Everyone wants to increase their followers and expect a lot of likes on their posts. It is also about peer-pressure and that can sometimes affect people badly. I think there is a life beyond social media and while some people think having millions of followers is enough but the people in your real-life matter more. There is a life beyond likes, followers and comments. People should understand that a balance is a must because when you need help in real life, it's your family and friends who will be there for you."

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