Japanese Conceptual Artist Seitaro Yamazaki Places Second in Global Art Competition

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Seitaro Yamazaki is known as one of the East's hottest contemporary artists and an international art world phenomenon. Yamazaki is a Japanese born conceptual artist and mostly recently he finished runner-up in YICCA 2021 for his piece “Icon Made Sand #1 “Nike AIR JORDAN 1””. The piece is astonishingly prolific and bound to draw crowds around it. YICCA, which is one of the most prestigious International Competition was also not an exception. It is widely known to showcase new talent and upcoming art.

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In a short span of time, Yamazaki has managed to make his mark and established himself as one of the premier conceptual artists in the world. His piece centers on the theme of time and explores the question of how the future will look back on us today.He recreated the iconic Air Jordan sneaker using sand and acrylic and incorporated the environment in which he grew up. The opposing materials reflect the different sense of time and the piece as a whole functions as a letter to the future about today’s consumption. Yamazaki’s work can be instantly recognisable.

His work was showcased at the YICCA exhibition in the Hernandez Art Gallery in Milano, Italy. At first glance, the work of Japanese artist Seitaro Yamazaki is visually dazzling. “Icon Made of Sand” is the title of a series of his works.Through the lens of "time," the series investigates the features of "symbols" in consumer society, which have been prevalent since the late twentieth century till present. “#01 Nike Air Jordan 1,” the first piece in the series, is a paint-coated shoe constructed of casting sand and transparent acrylic resin with a cross section in the shape of Nike's "Swoosh Logo", fragments of casting sand generated during the sneaker shaping process, and 3D printing modeling data.

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What would our relationship with "icons/symbols" look like if we could look back on our age from the future? Will it be the same as “icons/symbols” as we know them now? To answer this question, this piece blends three materials to express the “Swoosh Logo,” one of our generation's epitoms.

He said ““#01 Nike Air Jordan 1” juxtaposes three support media in various time axes – casting sand, acrylic resin, and digital data – to show the numerous temporal flows surrounding the “Swoosh Logo,” a “icon/symbol.”” “The meanings ascribed to the “Swoosh Logo” are likewise changing over time as the flow of information on the Internet changes.”he added.

When skill and love works together, expect a masterpiece and that’s the story of Seitaro Yamazaki. He has spent around 15-year in building a career as a designer. In this world, what is the essence of beauty? Is a question that is fundamental to his activities, and he continues to announce new works in pursuit of “new absolutes within relativity.”

Yamazaki’s work is eye-catching enough that it has captured the attention of art lovers all around the world. He is also the Creative Advisor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organization Committee. Yamazaki is also the founder and director of Seitaro Design, Inc., radio personality of FM Yokohama “Culture Department”. His extraordinary story of success can be filmed in a fascinating documentary.

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Yamazaki displays his exhibitions and installations all around the globe. His creations cover a wide range of fields such as on-screen, graphics, products, and space design. Right from the beginning Yamazaki has won praise and recognition from contemporary art peers for his ideas. He has received many awards throughout his career such as the 14th Arte Laguna Prize, Premio Combat Prize, and Annual Group Exhibition and Showcase 2018.

After establishing himself as an authority in contemporary art, Yamazaki sought out a way to diversify and establish himself as a global artist. He has shown interest in building ties with prestigious museums and exhibitions. As the world shifts more and more to one where “perception is reality”, someone like Yamazaki can play an incredibly powerful role in building out massively credible art footprints. There have been various suggestions by critics, but whatever the future may hold, expect to see Seitaro Yamazaki at the forefront of contemporary art.

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