The Japanese Rapper TOMORO is Taking The World by Storm”

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From 2021, this man has taken the world by storm, the man's name is "TOMORO"

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His name has become a universal icon.

In 2021, TOMORO's new song "WORLD MONEY feat. Nice & Smooth" raTOMORO nked first in the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart and has over 1million streams on YouTube.

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He started his own artist activities in 2021 and plans to expand into the world for the first time as a Japanese rapper. It has been decided to release a series of featuring songs with 10 groups of world-famous artists such as Sean Kingston, Alexandra Stan, Shanice, Fatman Scoop, Nice & Smooth, and recording with them has already started.


TOMORO is the youngest businessman, music producer, and rapper known to have become the Roppongi Hills tribe. He has appeared on programs such as TBS TV "Sunday Japon" and "Good Luck" as "Ultra Heisei Bubble Man". He is based in Japan and plans to make a full-scale entry into Los Angeles, USA from 2021.

TOMORO has been laying down his musical activities since 2008. So far, he has collaborated with songs such as Shonosuke Okura (Living National Treasure of Noh Otsuzumi), the only Japanese Noh performer who was allowed to perform in front of Queen Elizabeth and Pope Rome, and performed live. There is. In 2012, he made his major debut with "LOVE Dokkyun 2 feat. CLUB PRINCE ~ Roppongi PARTY

  • SONG ~" from Crown Records. It was ranked in the top 10 on the wired comprehensive chart.

In addition, "PARTY OUT feat. May J." was released in Japan in 2013. In 2015, released "LOVE MY HOOD feat. Kirara Asuka". Recently, rapper TOMORO, who won the first place for the first time as a Japanese artist on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart (overseas billboard single distribution ranking), teaches rap to popular sexy actress AIKA and King Rabbits. The new song "CORONA VIRUS feat. AIKA, King Rabbits & D-coy" was released and the MV was released on YouTube.

AIKA, which can be said to be the protagonist of this MV, "Yakiniku, Nyotaimori, so it's hard to see, so if you say it's rare (MV, the highlight), that's it, but when you look at the MV after editing, the gold powder is messed up. I thought that was the coolest thing. I liked the way it looks on the screen in terms of color, "he said on the creative side. On the other hand, "AIKA-chan, I'm an artistic child, so I noticed that kind of thing. Colors! (Laughs) Ordinary, AIKA-chan, I'm looking at Nyotaimori!", TOMORO lol

He told me, "AIKA-chan is a child who became famous for her sexy actress, but she and her model can still be on the front lines of the world. I want you to go to the world stage as well as Japan. "She praised AIKA.

King Rabbits Rina Serino "When AIKA was so sexy with yakiniku, TOMORO-kun put a lot of shisha smoke on it, and we did our best to make the MV shine. I smoked it and smoked it, but when I watched the video I shot later, it didn't smoke at all (laughs), "he said.