Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, Malek thrill through 'The Little Things'

Shubham Dasgupta
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Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, Malek thrill through
Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, Malek thrill through

25 Dec 2020: Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, Malek thrill through 'The Little Things'

Three Academy Award winners have pooled in their talent, and a blockbuster seems to be in the making.

That is what the trailer of Warner Bros's latest offering, The Little Things, seems to offer.

Featuring Rami Malek, Jared Leto, and Denzel Washington in lead roles, the film, scheduled for a January 29, 2021 release, gives out the vibes of a cat-and-mouse chase.

Premise: The trailer shows a murderer is on the run

Washington plays the role of Kern County Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon, who has had an impeccable body of work in the 15 years he has served in the police department.

He, however, has not been granted a promotion, a stinging fact pointed out by LA Sheriff Department Sergeant Jim Baxter, played by Malek.

Interestingly, the two are working on the same case.

Sneak-peek: Deacon talks to a corpse, stumbles upon Leto's Albert Sparma

In a morgue, Deacon is seen looking for evidence as he asks the corpse to speak up about her ordeal before death.

Young girls keep getting killed by an unknown assailant in this psycho-thriller, which takes a turn when Deacon stumbles upon Leto, who plays a character named Albert Sparma, on the trail.

His presence keeps Washington's character on tenterhooks.

Chilling: 'It's the little things that rip you apart'

One of the spookiest scenes in the trailer is a long shot of a deserted region with holes made by Deacon searching for clues.

"It's the little things that rip you apart. It's the little things that get you caught," Washington's Deacon tells Malek's Baxter as Sparma's schemes try Deacon's temper as he scrounges for clues among living women fitting the killer's bill.

BO tactic: One of the first WB films slated for hybrid-release

The film has been directed by John Lee Hancock, who is known for a wide variety of films like sports drama The Rookie as well as historical drama Saving Mr. Banks.

Notably, it is the first in the slate of 17 movies by Warner Bros to test the waters of a hybrid release on its digital streaming platform HBO Max and traditional theaters simultaneously.