Jasmine Dawda – Revolutionizing the fashion game

Jasmine Dawda - an enigmatic personality, a rare combination of being a fashionista with an inner essence of austerity - is not a new face in the fashion industry. With multiple feathers up her cap, she is a spiritual soul with a creative mind.

When you look at her today, it would be difficult to imagine her being anything but this glamourous personality radiating elegance, however, that’s not all Jasmine is all about. Born and brought up in Kutch, Gujarat, and being a small town girl having a simple background, she has worked impressively hard and persevered to reach where she is today. She started her career working as a supermodel and went on to becoming the winner at the Gladrags Mega Model Hunt in 2000, followed by winning the Kingfisher Model Hunt in 2005, along with bagging other significant titles. Around that time, she had also featured in a number of ad film commercials and music videos, announcing her emergence at just the tender age of her 20’s. Then, life in her 30’s became all about going on a sabbatical and inclining more towards the European fashion and art. A remarkable belief of hers is that the age for set formats are just the social norms - art has no timeline and learning knows no limits.

Jasmine’s social media presence highlights her vivacious personality and is an evidence of her impeccable sense of style and fashion. But not many know that she also has a very spiritual aspect to her; she meditates regularly and likes to travel to the countryside and the places surrounded by the progenitress nature, the lakes, the beaches or the valleys which help her rejuvenate her mind and soul. Even after being exposed to the flamboyant world of modelling and entertainment, being surrounded by people with simple mindsets and interests is a requisite for her. Our girl, it seems, has her roots firmly grounded, which makes her even more alluring.

Since the onset of her modelling career, she has been consistently intertwined with the field of fashion. Before she chanced upon modelling, she had graduated from The NIFT, Mumbai. Later, while completing her Masters from The London School of Fashion and learning fashion digital media, history and art made her discover the value of authenticity. She is also an active member of the ‘Save the Planet’ Organisation which invoked the desire inside Jasmine to provide her fellow beings with something more balanced and in harmony with the nature and the Mother Earth. This is what brought her to expand her horizons in the world of designing which was indeed her true calling.

With the world now moving towards the sustainable fashion, people are becoming more aware about fostering change to the fashion product, moving towards the greater ecological integrity and the social justice. Jasmine Dawda aims to make products that are organic but at the same time edgy and youthful, appealing to all. She also wants to create a fashion portal which is more inspiring for the environment-friendly products. Accounting all the experience that she has gathered after so many years in the business, Jasmine Dawda has her footing and her heart in the right place, and she is here to ameliorate change.