How Jason Greer Went From National Labor Relations Board Agent To Successful Business Man

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Jason Greer previously served as a Board Agent with the National Labor Relations Board where he managed private sector labor relations’ issues and worked to improve the labor petition filing process. In 2005 Jason founded his company, Greer Consulting, Inc. in order to assist large and small businesses across multiple industries to overcome their internal employee relations challenges while avoiding the need for labor unions.

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Jason has experienced incredible success as a labor relations consultant due to his unique ability to marry his background in Labor Relations, Counseling Psychology and Organizational Development. His personable and empathic approach has made him one of the most sought after Labor and Employee Relations Consultants in the United States. In 2020 Jason was recognized by Thrive Global as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in America.

Why Do Businesses Hire Greer Consulting, Inc.?

Businesses throughout the country call on Greer Consulting, Inc. to help them address issues ranging from employee and labor relations issues, as well as challenges related to diversity management in the workplace. Clients trust Greer Consulting because they understand that Jason and his team’s approach to their workforce is centered on the motto that “People will work for money but they will die for respect and recognition.” Jason and his team always go the extra step to ensure that the needs of managers and employees are properly addressed in a way that brings harmony back to the workplace.

Making a name in the Industry

Jason knew he had to do whatever it took to make a name for himself in the world of employee and labor relations consulting. The odds were stacked against him considering that he had less than $100 dollars to his name because the money he saved during his tenure as a National Labor Relations Board Agent was quickly running out. He was also one of the African Americans in the labor relations space, so he knew the proverbial deck was stacked against him.

Jason decided that he would take the consulting engagements that seemed less than ideal to more established consulting firms. He also worked engagements where his only compensation was “positive word of mouth” because the clients could not afford his services. Although this was a struggle, Jason knew that he had to be willing to do what was necessary in that moment so that he could build Greer Consulting, Inc. into what it has become today. Through persistence and hard work Greer Consulting, Inc. ranks in the top 5% of employee and labor relations consulting firms in the country.

Take The First Step

Greer has had his fair share of faced obstacles when it comes to his journey throughout his career. He had a serious lack of funding when he started his business, no client prospects and no knowledge of how to market his services with less than $100 dollars to his name. Jason stated, “I think one of my biggest obstacles was trying to figure out how to get out of my own way because I was scared to fail without realizing that you will fail 100% of the time if you never muster the courage to take the first step toward your success.” Jason realized that he would have to take a step toward his dreams, no matter how scary the obstacles seemed in the moment.

Overcoming Obstacles

Overcoming your fear, doubt and shame can be a harrowing journey. The challenge for so many people is that our internal dialogue is predicated on “what if” scenarios that fly in the face of reality. For Jason, the idea that he could fail at the endeavor of starting his own business was soul wrenching. It kept him up at night and he was scared to tell his family and friends about his ambitions, let alone his fears, out of the concern that they would add to his burdens. None of this was true, but our minds have a way of convincing us otherwise, especially when we are scared. Jason realized that the only way he was going to overcome his fears was by summoning the courage to take a step toward his fear because fear is nothing more than the absence of faith.

In his words, “The more you challenge your fear, the smaller it becomes to the point that all that is left is a sincere faith in the journey. If you have something you want in this life, then get it. There will be obstacles along the way and there will be challenges, but you will develop the strength to overcome any and everything that stands in your way. I am living proof of this. Tough times don't last long but tough people do. So if you have a dream than get it because you have what it takes to make your dream into a reality.”

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