Jason Momoa undergoes epic transformation for Super Bowl advert

Rebecca Lewis

Jason Momoa poked fun at his famous body in a new Super Bowl advert which saw him “remove” his rippling muscles and long flowing locks.

The Aquaman star looks to the camera at the beginning of the ad for Rocket Mortgage and asks: “ What does home mean to me?”

As he drives past a group of paparazzi outside his house, he smirks before adding that “it’s my sanctuary”.

The actor, known for his long-flowing locks, looks markedly different. (Rocket Mortgage/YouTube)

Inside, the 6ft 4in actor takes off his shoes – becoming drastically shorter – as he says: “It’s the one place where I can let my guard down”.

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The 40-year-old then strips of layers of muscle off his toned arms, before peeling off his toned torso revealing a much more leaner body than the one he is known for, beneath his black t-shirt.

Momoa's ripped physique gets ripped away in his Super Bowl ad. (Rocket Mortgage/YouTube)

As he relaxes back on the sofa, he then takes off a wig, revealing a bald spot.

The Rocket Mortgage ad then ends with Jason attempting to benchpress a super light weight with wife Lisa Bonet offering encouragement before taking over with one hand to help him out.

Jason Momoa was transformed via CGI for his Rocket Mortgage ad. (Rocket Mortgage/YouTube)

A follow-up video, released to YouTube by Quicken Loans the company behind Rocket Mortgage, showed how the commercial was made.

The Super Bowl has become famous for its adverts, with brands paying millions for one 30-second spot.

Behind The Scenes with Jason Momoa, from Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans. (YouTube/Rocket Mortgage)

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