How Jay Gauthier Jr. and Wife Ronnie Gauthier Are Helping First Generation Entrepreneurs Through Their Podcast #WinAnyway


The couple’s journey into the finance field has been an interesting one to say the least. Fresh out of school, Jay joined a firefighting academy in Glendale California. His wife, Veronica, was pursuing her masters degree in psychology at the University of La Verne while also working full time. Jay’s days as a firefighter consisted of constantly running 5150 calls and psychiatric transfers. A short time after getting his feet wet in the field, Jay was recruited by Cali Fire. Shortly thereafter, he faced his first piece of action, a 911 call.

After just 30 minutes into a shift, Jay was called into action. It was a house fire that Jay still recalls the moment vividly. He said, “I remember running into the home following my lead fireman. I was so stoked about it.. I mean, what a way to start! Haha. This big guy came stumbling out of the front door, hand charred down to the bone from where he had grabbed onto the doorknob. Hair was burnt and smelled terrible. Shirt burned into third degree burns on his back. I’ll never forget it because he had ran in to find his daughter and the door had shut behind him. When he got on the ambulance, I just remember thinking of how real this job was.” An experience Jay will never forget.

A few months into his job, Jay was relieved from his duties at Cali Fire leaving his steady income crippled and the young couple broke. Fortunately, Jay’s dad invited him to come down to an open house career night for a financial firm in Chino, California. That night changed the trajectory of the Gauthier’s life forever.

Jay decided very early in life that the traditional way of doing things didn’t appeal to him. Instead of going to college and working a 9-5 job, he decided he was going to work for himself and chase the entrepreneur dream. He has gone on to become an awarded financial advisor and CEO of a top 20 ranked financial team in the US and Canada. That team is Tenacity. Despite all of his success, Jay was far from satisfied. 

After meeting with a friend and hearing about how she was struggling with her finances, Jay was inspired to do something more. He knew, given his position, that he would be able to help many who were in a similar position just as he was years before. That’s when Jay came up with the idea of his podcast #Winanyway. The podcast, co hosted with his wife Ronnie Gauthier, was launched in hopes of helping young entrepreneurs and struggling individuals in their current state. The response was life changing. 

The beginning of the podcast sets the mood quickly, starting out with the couple alternating voices saying “we were broke”, “we had everything going against us”, “we knew nothing about business”. The content can range from team building instruction, all the way to entrepreneurial advice. Impressively, the husband and wife dynamic duo have already passed over 1,000 subscribers on their youtube channel after only releasing 7 podcasts. The podcast is currently streaming on Youtube and Spotify among other platforms.

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