Jay Sarpotdar carries forward the 30 year family legacy in philanthropy!

Manjari Mukherjee

What happens when Young blood meets politics and philanthrophy?

Jay Sarpotdar, grandson of One of the founder members of shivsena Madhukar Sarpotdar tells us exactly that. Being the Deputy Secretary of the Yuvsena, at only 24 years old, this ambitious but grounded, politically charged youth has already created waves in philanthropy by starting an organization called Rajyog in 2017, which focusses on the inculcation of Arts, sports, education and health in the youth.

Jay Sarpotdar

Having toured the entirety of Maharashtra two times, the youngest Sarpotdar knows the territory he wants to impact in and out, as he believes that demographic knowledge is not just essential but indespensible to the people he wants to help. Jay has organized several medical camps and is influential youths to college students in Mumbai, with his do-good attitude, creating a positive political and philanthropic movement in the youngsters of the city, which is very important.

Starting his political journey at the tender age of 18, he has been mentored by mother Shilpa Sarpotdar, the well respected president of Shiv Sahakar Sena, proving that public good runs in the blood.

It’s about time Politics takes a young, fresh perspective and we count on Jay Sarpotdar to do exactly that and more.

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