Jayq the Legend: Making Music To Bring Positive Vibes and Some Inspiration in This Era

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Currently, there is a lot of buzz going around about how JayQ The Legend has been topping multiple charts with his newest release “Amazing Girl”. The song is uplifting and asking the world to respect and acknowledge the women and their sacrifices. With such an inspiring message, it was bound to be a big hit among the netizens and music lovers.

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JayQ The Legend-Early Life

Before becoming a music artist, he served in the Marine and also has a degree in MBA/JD. He even worked to help with civil rights and entertainment law. Starting as a choir and gospel singer, today he stands on various big stages to perform his own written songs.

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He didn't have the easiest and safest childhood as he witnessed domestic abuse and, to survive the trauma, he drowned himself in writing music and poems. Just because he has seen and experienced a lot in life, even as a known artist with a luxurious life, he still prefers solitude and tries to remain humble.

Making headlines

With his latest release, "Amazing Girl" he made the headlines as an Afro-beat performer who has been topping the Black Charts and zooming past major artists. With big artists coming out with new releases every month, it can get difficult for new and underdog artists to make their way through that crowd. But for JayQ The Legend, it was easy to stand out in the crowd. With his new song being tagged as the “Summer 2020 Anthem”, he has been climbing up the music charts.

Upon asking about the song, he said that it’s high time that women should be celebrated and respected and should be recognized for the amazing being they are. The music video of the song is very inclusive, showing women from different creeds, colors, and professional fields.

Working with several artists

When JayQ The Legend makes music, he tends to take inspiration from various sources. His debut song has the aesthetics of the legendary Michael Jackson. The producing team for this song contained brilliant minds like SOLO7 and Grammy winner producer all the way from Ghana.

Then his newest release is produced by Grammy recognized 1500 or Nothin'. He always writes the lyrics for his music and is completely involved in making the beats. He also co-writes and produces movies.

His love for music

From a very young age, music has always been his escape and freedom. And this love of his for music has not faded with time. He uses his music to expresses his love for Afro-beats and how he wants people to keep chasing their freedom and dreams. He believes in staying humble and just keeps making music that he loves and will inspire others.

Having experienced the tough times himself, he knows the difficulties of trauma and depression. Thus, he expresses these emotions through his music and tries to uplift the people who are going through something similar. This effort of his is one of the things that is loved by his fans. His upbeat music and inspiring lyrics are what make people look forward to his new projects and music releases. Hope this multi-talented man keeps spreading positivity through his music.

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