Frightening moment horse ditches jockey and crashes through fence

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Horse racing witnessed extraordinary scenes on Tuesday when a horse smashed through a trackside fence.

Jean Valjean ditched its jockey and crashed through the picket fence before a race at Yarmouth.

The horse then trotted around a few peoples’ front gardens before it was brought back.

"Runaway horse! Glad to report Jean Valjean was caught unharmed after his mischief @GTYarmouthRaces,” Twitter account At the Races wrote.

Jean Valjean tried to escape. Image: Sky Sports

Many fans saw the irony of Jean Valjean’s name - which it shares with a revolutionary from Les Miserables who attempts a number of escapes from prison in the famous musical.

"Classic Jean Valjean. Always looking to be part of a revolution,” one social media user wrote.

Another asked: "Seriously, is anyone surprised that Jean Valjean has made a run for it?"

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