Jeff Goldblum criticised over remarks about Islam during ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Los Angeles, Apr 27 (PTI) Actor Jeff Goldblum is facing backlash on social media for his questions about Islam's treatment of women and the LGBTQ community during the latest episode of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

The “Jurassic Park” star was a guest judge on the Friday episode of the show in which drag queen Jackie Cox, whose real name is Darius Rose, wore a star-spangled hijab in honour of her Muslim roots, as part of the ‘Stars And Stripes’ runway challenge.

Commenting on the look, the 67-year-old actor asked Cox, “Is there something in this religion that is anti-homosexuality and anti-woman? Does that complicate the issue?” “I'm just raising it and thinking out loud and maybe being stupid,” he added.

In response to which, RuPaul insisted that drag has “always shaken the tree, so to speak,” adding, “There are so many different layers to this presentation. If it was ever going to be done, this is the stage to do it.” Cox agreed that “it’s a complex issue” and admitted to “misgivings about the way LGBT people are treated in the Middle East”. 'What is so important to me is that if you just happen to be different, then live that truth,' she added.

Goldblum’s remarks were severely criticised, with people on Twitter accusing him of being Islamophobic.

“That statement by jeff goldblum that islam as a religion is anti woman and anti lgbt was so incredibly uneducated and dangerous and hurtful (sic),' one user wrote.

Another tweeted, 'Jeff Goldblum felt the need to say 'but isn't Islam anti-gay and anti-woman' to Jackie because she was wearing a stars-and-stripes hijab, as if America hasn't been anti-gay and anti-woman from the outset, or killed and displaced millions of Muslims, including women and queers.” Some said if Cox were of any other religion, she wouldn't have been asked this question.

'That question wouldn’t have happened to any other queen, of any other race. They are exploiting her on the stage in such a gross way by making her defend an entire religion she already said she doesn’t practice,” a user wrote.

However, some users also came to Goldblum’s defence, saying he was simply asking a question.

'Jeff Goldblum asked jackie a genuine and complicated question about faith, respected her answer and how difficult it is for her, called her look beautiful and amazing and apparently he’s islamophobic? okay (sic),' a post read.

The actor, who will next be seen in “Jurassic World 3”, has not yet responded to the criticism. PTI SHD RDS RDS