Jen Groover Spills The Beans On Her New Book The MORE Method & Talks About Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Jen Groover Spills The Beans On Her New Book The MORE Method & Talks About Entrepreneurial Mindset


You have remained a multi-passionate entrepreneur and a global leader for so many years now. Tell us how you discovered your passion for building empires and inspiring lives.


I believe the desire began when I was young, there was a lot of fighting and stress around money in my house and I would see how many of my other friends’ lives were and I want to be able to intentionally create my adult life like their lives were. I was always curious as to what people did to be successful and stay happy. I would ask a lot of questions and observe. When I started my first business after college in the fitness industry I was blown away how I was finally able to do what I loved and making money doing it. I also felt so fulfilled helping and inspiring others. Once you get a sense of it you never want to lose it. Therefore, I just kept building on it. I constantly invested in my personal and professional growth, hired great mentors, read ferociously, went to events, socialized with incredible people doing incredible things, and most importantly, after understanding how to master my mindset, I wouldn’t allow other people’s limiting beliefs to become mine. So I created my path and will continue to do.


Our audience would love to know more about your new book The MORE Method. Please elaborate on the core idea behind writing this book.


The MORE Method: The Simple Desire To Get MORE of Everything You Desire in Life, was written as the culmination of my 20 years of teaching human potential. My goal was to take multiple disciplines and many years of experience and create a formula/methodology that could teach anyone at any stage of life how to uplevel and get more of what they desire. There are so many layers in teaching human potential and so many disciplines I pull from to teach it, this was quite a feat. I desired to figure out how to take content that can be deep and make it light and digestible, while still being instantly impactful. I kept thinking about this goal and the clarity of the name, methodology, and framework came to me in the middle of the night, as many of my moments of clarity do.


What are the key elements the book details about? 


At first, I address the main reasons why people do not typically get ore of what they desire in life. Then I identify the thought processes needed to begin to get more of the life we desire.

Next, I break down the MORE acronym, which creates a framework for the reader to live by and revisit to keep up with it at any level.


M=MINDFULNESS. To get more of everything we desire, we need to consistently be mindful of where “we are” and how our beliefs and habits are creating our current reality and what needs to change to create a new reality. To do that I share a “mindfulness auditing system” to consistently evaluate all the various aspects of our lives to be mindful of and how they are impacting our evolution positively or negatively. For example, the first thing on the auditing checklist is “thoughts”. This challenges the reader to evaluate the quality of their thoughts. Are their thoughts supporting their next level self, or keeping them stagnant?


O=Optimization of Body and Brain. The one thing we can control the most in this world is how we treat ourselves. And how we treat our bodies/brains affects how we feel, and how we feel affects everything else we do. In this part of the book I connect the dots for the reader in how optimizing our physiological state optimizes our mental and emotional state and when all are optimized we have more energy, mental clarity, creativity, etc, which in turns increase our productivity, connectivity to others, our ability to be more patient, strategic and so much more. I also have created an auditing checklist for physiological optimization too, so when someone feels off track they can look at the list and quickly identify what they have gotten off track with.


R= Responsive versus Reactive Lifestyle. In this section, I introduce emotional intelligence in an easily digestible way by teaching what I call “Mindset Shifts”. These are lessons, mostly about perspectives that can instantly change how you view or handle something. For example, I teach, “Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning”. This empowers the reader to realize they are responsible for the meaning they are giving things. This is a powerful lesson for people to instantly giving new meaning to the stories or experiences that trigger then or hold them back. This can move the reader from a victim to victor. For example, if someone is doing something you want to react to, repeating this mantra, will challenge your brain to give the situation a new meaning so you can not be as affected and respond to the situation more effectively. This section dives into relationships and how to navigate them more effectively. The more we can control how we view things and master how we handle people and situations the more harmonious our lives will be and the more we will get what we desire.


E=Excelling in all Aspects of Life. Here I discuss the theory of wholistic success and share with the reader the importance of understanding inter-connectedness of all aspects of our lives; Health and Well-Being, Relationships, Finances and Achievement, and Personal Evolution.


I end the book by discussing how to apply all of these lessons to life today and every day forward to truly get MORE of everything they desire, in all aspects of life. What was the book writing process like, especially when you had to curate an intricate piece of work that entails 20 years of knowledge?


Having the framework of the acronym MORE really helped the process along. I think the hardest part was choosing which information and stories to share and not to share to give a wealth of knowledge to the reader while keeping the content on the lighter side and entertaining.



Were there any phases of ‘writer’s block’ while ‘The MORE Method’ was being written? If yes, how did you overcome it?


I am a very active person. I like to be out and about talking to people and sitting still for too long is very challenging. So for me, it wasn’t the “writer’s block” per se, but more forcing myself to sit still long enough to get everything out and “on paper” in the framework it would work best. That is what overwhelms me about the book writing process.


What is that one strong approach people should follow, in order to attract everything they desire in life? 


The most important lesson is to consistently become the best version of yourself and naturally, you will achieve and receive more of the life that you desire. One of my core slogans is  Be More, to Achieve and Receive More. If someone wants a million-dollar business, become a million-dollar person with a millionaire mindset. If someone wants a loving, deeply connected relationship, become a deeply loving person and let go of all fears and beliefs that keep you from connecting to other emotionally available people.


What are the practices one must follow daily to master their mindset?


To master our mindset, we must first make constant honest, self-evaluation, part of our daily life. This is very different than over-thinking, but instead becoming reflective of our daily actions and reflecting how we could do things better, see things differently and harness our emotional states more effectively.


Another important thing to do is to study disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, physiology, basically of the disciplines above, to gain a better understanding of how “we work”. Having mentors/coaches and accountability partners is another important strategy to continue to grow in mastering our mindset. These people can be extremely instrumental in challenging our behaviors and beliefs to accelerate our growth. You definitely do not want “yes” people around you all of the time.


How do you create a balance between your work as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and a leader?


Every day is a different day and that alone fuels me. I believe striving for balance is somewhat of an illusion or an illusionary target. Instead, I look at it differently, where I strive to use all aspects of my life, including being a parent to replenish me and when some aspect is depleting me too much, I find another aspect to add the fuel. For example, my life as a mom invigorates my business aspect of life, and my business life refuels me as a mom.


Give us one takeaway from the book.


Whatever outcome(s) you have in your life right now that you don’t like there is a belief attached to it that must change for you to get a new long-term outcome(s). If you have patterns that keep repeating themselves, it is a sign to dive into the beliefs around that aspect of life. Constantly evaluate your beliefs. The more you understand your beliefs the more you can continuously override old ones that no longer serve you with new ones that align with your goals and desires.


What advice would you like to give to coming of age entrepreneurs and authors?


The most wholistically successful people in the world work on themselves first. Get over your inner roadblocks and the outer ones in life will be gone or easier to get around. Make personal development work part of your daily routine.

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