Jennifer Aniston Comments in a ‘Chandler Bing’ Way as Friends Co-Star Courteney Cox Turns Into ‘Chef Monica!’

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Courteney Cox’s recent Instagram video can be a nostalgic ride for the fans of her popular sitcom, FRIENDS in more than one way. The actress is pretty much active on the social media platform and keeps sharing tit-bits from her personal life here and there. What excites her fans the most is the mention of the sitcom or its memories posted by her. In the recent video, she is seen cooking and sharing the recipe of Baked Halibut with roasted cherry tomatoes, which instantly took fans back to her ‘Chef Monica’ role in the sitcom. To everyone’s delight, Jennifer Aniston commented on the post in a typical Chandler Bing fashion!

In the IGTV posted by Courteney, she is seen making the fish delicacy for all the ‘fish haters'.She also revealed here how her character Monica in FRIENDS was shown as a chef but in reality, she did not even know how to chop. She even said that she still does not know how to do it, adding, “I can easily cut my finger off.. any minute.”

Things got more fun when her close friend and co-star from the sitcom dropped a comment. Jennifer, who played Rachel Green, wrote, “Could you Be any cuter…???” The die-hard fans of FRIENDS instantly recognized this dialogue style by Monica’s husband, Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry).

Earlier, Courteney made every fan’s day by showcasing her piano skills. She played the title theme of the sitcom, I’ll Be There For You, and the piano version made everyone cry happy tears. By now, the admirers of the sitcom have seen little nuggets thrown by the cast to hype up the reunion. The long impending reunion episode was supposed to happen in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. There were also talks of virtual reunion which did not materialize. However, the much-awaited reunion episode of the six lead characters of FRIENDS tops every fan’s priority list.