Jennifer Aniston Receives Flak for Posting a Picture of a Christmas Ornament That Read ‘Our First Pandemic’, Netizens Ask ‘What Was the Reason’

Ananya Swaroop
·4-min read

Christmas 2020 was a happy time for all and many celebrities took to social media to share pictures and video from the celebration. Jennifer Aniston too took to Instagram to share pictures of how she celebrated Christmas. Showing off a wooden Christmas ornament, Jennifer shared the picture of it on her Instagram story. The picture was viewed by millions of her followers on the social media platform, a section of which got pretty upset with the message written on the ornament. Jennifer Aniston Gets 'Blackfaced' and Looks Nothing like Herself on the Cover of Instyle Magazine Leaving Netizens Super Angry!

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The picture that the Friends actress shared showed a Christmas tree in the background. The focus was on a round wooden piece of Christmas ornament that read, "Our first pandemic." While Jennifer might have posted the picture considering that it was funny, many social media users slammed the actress for making fun of such a serious situation. They thought that a situation like a coronavirus pandemic is not something one should make fun off as many people lost their lives during these tough times.

Jennifer Aniston's story (Photo Credit: Instagram)

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An agitated user went on to tweet, "Celebrities live in a different world. They aren’t affected by this at all. They still go out, travel, make money hang out. Then post stuff like this trying to seem like they relate w/ us and all it shows is that they don’t." Another user wrote, "Cheers to our first pandemic of 2020, where millions of people died! let’s celebrate that on a Christmas ornament!”

While Jennifer received major backlash, there was a section of his fans who came in support of the actress. Defending her, a fan wrote, "This was clearly meant with humour. Why are we giving this air with all the actual things in the world that we could be offended by? Don’t enable that faux rage in people, it’s not productive." Jennifer Aniston Flaunts Her Rarely-Spotted '11-11' Tattoo During Her Chat With Friends Co-Star Lisa Kudrow.

On the work front, Jennifer Aniston had just resumed the shoot for the second season of The Morning Show. The shoot came to a halt after a crew member was tested positive for Covid-19. The show also stars Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon in pivotal roles. The shoot for the new season began in October after it was shut in March due to the pandemic. It was reported that the new season will be including the theme of the pandemic into the script as well.