Jennifer Lawrence: My Parents Didn’t Want Me To Be An Actor

Yahoo Movies sat down with the cast and director of ‘Joy’ to talk about the film and about themselves.

During the chat, Bradley Cooper posed the question about what obstacles they had all faced to be where they are in their career.

‘Joy’ co-star Jennifer Lawrence revealed that her parents weren’t so keen on her decision to become an actor in the beginning.


“I was very young when I wanted to act so I had the obstacles of parents,” she said. “They weren’t crazy about their child leaving Kentucky to go live in New York by herself. I also didn’t have money, so those were obstacles.”

It’s fair to say that most parents would be unsure of their child undertaking such a big step in their goal so early in life. But we are sure glad J-Law took the leap as her career has flourished in incredible fashion over the last 5 years.

You can watch Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of her co-stars in our exclusive group chat above.