Jennifer Neville Helping Individuals Find Their Passion and Purpose

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Every individual’s life mission is to find their passion and purpose. While everyone is not quite there yet, the process of growth is continuous. While searching for their passion and purpose, people should live their lives in a way where others can learn and benefit from them. Jennifer Neville sought to discover her passion and purpose, and this led her to become a content creator and help her audience find their voice.

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Jennifer Neville is a content creator and Youtuber who uses her platform to create content geared towards helping others arrive at a new paradigm. Jennifer currently works with 11 other people to help tap into their gifts and find their passion and purpose.

She believes that it is inspiring to see such a strong community helping each other step into their power and tap into their purpose and not need to rely on the 9-5 routine that everyone hates. Neville has been described as more than just a content creator because she uses intuitive techniques and astrology to dive into who someone is, what they have to offer, and how they might be blocking themselves from achieving their goals.

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Jennifer admits that having a channel for her started with creating what she enjoyed, and it evolved from there into building a platform where she helped guide others. And as someone who has always been passionate and dedicated to assisting other people in finding their purpose while at the same time living her life to inspire others. “I have gained a strong following which has led to many 1:1 work and group coaching and 120K subscribers on YouTube that have helped me step into my ability to influence a wider range at once.”

Neville’s content is for everybody regardless of race, color and gender; however, at inception, she hopes to cater to people looking to break out of the old belief system of work to live vs. live to work. She streamlined her target audience to creatives and leaders who are looking for their voice and purpose.

Despite all the highs and successes she has recorded as a content creator, Neville already has her sights on the future, one in which she hopes to share more of her creative content. She also plans to finish her book and host more group coaching opportunities. Jennifer described herself as someone who takes fear as a natural response, and instead of seeing it as a blockage, she has instead always taken it as a challenge.

She has taken charge of her own life and is doing what she loves most, which is creating the content she loves and inspiring others at the same time.

Neville is motivated by the prospect of getting to learn something new, getting to create, or having some unique experience, no matter how small. At the same time, she aims to inspire a bulk of her audience and to win over new audiences and fans.

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