Jeremy Corbyn’s brother arrested at anti-lockdown protest in London

Piers Corbyn (brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn) is arrested as conspiracy theorists gather at Hyde Park Corner (Picture: Getty)

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother was one of several people arrested during a protest against the coronavirus lockdown.

Around 50 demonstrators defied social distancing to gather at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, west London, holding placards with slogans like “anti-vax deserves a voice” and “freedom over fear”.

Dozens of police officers, including some on horseback, patrolled the protest, issuing several fines and arresting at least six people, including 73-year-old Piers Corbyn.

He was taken away after showing up with a megaphone and proclaiming 5G and the coronavirus pandemic were linked.

There is no evidence to link 5G and COVID-19.

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Piers Corbyn is led away by police (Picture: Getty)
Corbyn waves to someone as he leaves (Picture: Getty)

Corbyn was taken away after allegedly refusing to leave and give his details when asked by a police officer.

A flyer advertising the protest called for “no to mandatory vaccines, no to the new normal, and no to the unlawful lockdown”.

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Another demonstrator, 62-year-old Catharine Harvey, said she was defying the rules to highlight the “devastation this lockdown has caused”.

The shop owner said: “Developing countries will have no trade, no tourism. I have had to close my shop on Columbia Road flower market.

“The effects of the lockdown are far, far worse than the virus – mental health, domestic violence, shops are closed, theatres, cinemas, restaurants. It’s unnecessary.”

Corbyn allegedly refused to give his details (Picture: Getty)
Around 50 people defied social distancing to gather at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park (Picture: Getty)
Dozens of police officers, including some on horseback, patrolled the protest (Picture: Getty)

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Scotland Yard said as of 2pm on Saturday, six people were arrested in the Hyde Park area.

A separate protest saw about a dozen demonstrators gather on Southampton Common, holding placards saying “Stop the Lies”, “Say no to tyranny” and “Fight 4 Freedom”.

In Belfast, police monitored a crowd of around 20 people who had gathered in Ormeau Park to denounce the lockdown measures.

Officers warned participants to socially distance and they complied.

The gathering broke up without incident after an hour.

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