Jess Dahlberg, Certified High-Performance Coach, Shares Her Tips for More Energy To Improve Productivity

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Jess Dahlberg is the founder of Jess Dahlberg Coaching. She is one of a select number of Certified High-Performance Coaches (CHPC) in the world. Located in Sydney, Australia, Jess comes from a corporate HR management background. Her niche is coaching Tech entrepreneurs to achieve tremendous success and happiness in life, using high-performance habits so they can fire up their dream business.

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Jess faced numerous challenges in life, such as supporting her daughter through severe depression, navigating divorce, and re-establishing herself after 27 years of marriage, all while being out of work. One day, she came across the CHPC program and decided to step in. That decision completely changed her life. After becoming certified as a CHPC, Jess built her business using the High-Performance habits, wherein she helps Tech entrepreneurs do. Living what she is coaching makes her sessions authentic and structured in the approach.

According to Jess, one of the greatest stresses for entrepreneurs is the ability to balance productivity with maintaining energy levels.

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She added, “Instead of focusing on time management, focus on creating more energy in your day. With more energy, your ability to be clear, creative, and productive will be a more likely outcome than being drained for long periods of your day or week.


Notice that there are certain parts of the day where your energy drops. For some, it will be late morning, but for most, it’s mid-afternoon. High-performance is about pre-empting what may happen and put strategies in place. An hour before the time you commonly “drop,” try boosting yourself with a smoothie, a short 2 minute seated, closed eye meditation, or go for a fast short walk. Pick one, try it for a week without missing a day and note the difference. Try the next one, and once you have tried it all, implement one or two that worked for you.

Make it your non-negotiable daily habit where nothing gets in the way. Prioritized commitment is everything!”.

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