Jess Villela: It’s Time to Redefine Sales

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When Jess Villela left her 15 + year corporate Sales and Leadership Coaching life behind in 2018 and began coaching women entrepreneurs, she set out to help women increase their income and impact through their mission driven businesses. What she has found in that time has become an even bigger calling than that. Jess has seen the collective need to redefine what selling is, and how we go about it. Jess Villela

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Ditch the Pushy Tactics

Too many women entrepreneurs have been left feeling uncomfortable and unclear about how to sell their offers. They’ve seen the old tactics, the manipulation, persuasion and leaning on people’s pain points, convincing them that they should be urgent about being “fixed”.

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These strategies can push, pull, or convince people to buy, but they often end up (whether intentional or not) promoting the idea that women are not enough as they are.

“So much of the negativity around sales comes from these kinds of old models. It generates inauthentic interactions and creates a dynamic of believing ‘I’m taking from this person’,” Jess Villela explains. “And that’s just flat-out not true. Selling with authenticity is not about taking from people.”

“What we’re talking about is an exchange. What we are talking about is leadership - the decision to invite people into the powerful transformation THEY desire. When you’re coming to people with something of value, and allowing them to choose, then selling is an exchange.”

“When you have a strategy that is more thoughtful and intentional, it’s not about doing something bad. Having this level of sales skill means you are able to serve people better. And once you understand that, you can begin to sell differently. You can relax and have fun, and truly serve people.”

That understanding also frees you up to detach from the outcome of an interaction. Every time you sell, it’s not about making a sale, it’s about being aligned with your mission. It’s about knowing that what you offer is needed and it matters. Regardless of the outcome of that interaction, you will continue on your mission because it’s bigger than that one client and it’s bigger than you.

Elevate Your Presence and Integrate your Humanity

Consumers are more savvy than ever, and it’s no longer sustainable to just copy scripts and cut and paste someone else’s tactics. With new levels of awareness, women entrepreneurs want to pave a path that’s authentic to their values. They want to infuse their care for others into their sales process in a way that creates an exchange that is of high value on both sides. That’s exactly what Jess tackles with her clients.

Integrating our humanity, our purpose, and our care for one another into how we sell allows women to show up empowered and fully expressed in their own unique way.

Having real conversations that let people know they are seen and heard is an important part of our leadership and service. When we are mission focused, and align our selling with our values, we have a more sustainable impact in our communities and that’s when we ignite true change in the world.

Being Authentic to Your Values

Teaching clients to cultivate a practice of being prepared AND present while having real conversations that show we care creates so much more ease when it comes to impact and income. Jess focuses on helping clients do this while building businesses in a way that makes sense for them and for their life rhythms and priorities.

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