Jessi and Jackson Slayed Their Performance At Gayo Daechukje, Jackson’s “Manner Hands” During His Performance With Jessi Praised By Netizens

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Jessi and Jackson slayed their performance of Jessi’s NUNU NANA at the KBS Song Festival, But was praised by alot of fans for totally for being a total gentleman.

Following Jessi’s hit song performance, GOT7‘s Jackson joined her on stage with his on-point rap and dancing.

But what made fans to praised him was Jackson’s hand was stiff and staying off of Jessi’s chest area when he put his arms around her shoulder.

Fans are calling these manner hands and praising Jackson for his respect for Jessi. Not only this but fans also noticed how he kept his eyes closed when he stood face-to-face with Jessi up close.

This behaviour of his shows his respect towards his sunbae Jessi.

Fans are demanding Jessi and Jackson to do formal collaboration.

Check out their killer stage performance below