Here is what Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma reveals about filmmaker Sajid Khan

Rajasi Nagwekar
·2-min read

Jiah Khan appeared in three Hindi films from 2007 to 2010 which includes Nishabd, Ghajini and Houseful. she was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her bedroom of her family’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai. Deemed a suicide in 2013, and re-confirmed as a suicide in 2016 following an extensive investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and a hearing at the Bombay High Court.

The filmmaker Sajid Khan came to bad limelight when several women came out and accused him of sexual harassment during the #MeToo wave in the country. The latest to accuse the filmmaker on similar grounds is Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma who talked about it in a documentary by BBC which has been titled ‘Death in Bollywood’. It is three-part docuseries which has been released only in the UK and is based on the life of the late actress. It was in its second episode that her sister made these allegations.

Talking about the same, Karishma quotes, “It was rehearsal, she was reading the scripts and he asked her to take off her top and her bra. She didn’t know what to do, she said ‘the filming hasn’t even begun yet and this is happening.’ She came home and cried.” She also reveals how scared Jiah was about Sajid suing her if she breaches the contract and getting sexually harassed by him if she stays in the same.

Karishma also put light when Sajid allegedly made advances towards her but was stopped by Jiah Khan who jumped to her defense. Even Kangana Ranaut among many others have now shared the short clipping of Jiah’s sister speaking about the same on social media. Speaking of it, the actress writes on Twitter, “They killed Jiah they killed Sushant and they tried to kill me, but they roam free have full support of the mafia, growing stronger and successful every year. Know the world is not ideal you are either the prey or the predator. No one will save you you have to save yourself.”