Jimmy Kimmel on Trump rallies: 'unmasked egomania orgies'

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Late-night hosts discussed Donald Trump’s latest manic rally antics and looked at a brief history of militias in the US.

Jimmy Kimmel

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host spoke about how Covid-19 is set to turn the election into “quite a mess” with problems already being encountered with voting.

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He mentioned a report that some people have been disinfecting their mail-in ballots, which has led to number of disqualified votes. “If you’re Purelling and microwaving your ballot then I’m OK with you sitting this one out,” he said.

There’s also been a problem of fake ballot boxes from the Republicans. “I think what they’ve decided is that the best way to prove voter fraud is to commit voter fraud,” Kimmel said, before adding: “There’s no limit to what these people will do to steal this election”

He joked about the various fake ways the GOP might install drop boxes. “There are no official ballot boxes at the mens room at Buffalo Wild Wings,” he said.

Kimmel then moved on to the president’s rally tour despite his recent Covid-19 diagnosis. “He is burning massive amounts of jet fuel to spread his message and germs all over big crowds of supporters in swing states,” he said.

He referred to them as “unmasked egomania orgies” and said that most people might think twice about putting on these events right now but “most of the time he doesn’t even think once”.

Kimmel said Trump is “trailing Joe Biden bigly” so he is going hard on what a bad person he thinks his competitor is. “This is a man who is spinning out,” he said after mentioning a bizarre conspiracy theory Trump tweeted suggesting that bin Laden was still alive.

NBC has controversially scheduled a Trump town hall at the same time as ABC’s Biden town all, a decision Kimmel was unhappy about. “Why not a new Bill Cosby special while we’re at it?” he joked.

Trevor Noah

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On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spoke about the Michigan militia who were recently charged with attempting to kidnap the governor because of pandemic restrictions, including the closing of gyms. “Kidnapping the governor should be below doing press-ups,” he said.

Noah added that “angry white dudes are truly on some other level” with militias “looming over protests and storming state houses since the early days of the pandemic”.

The groups are those we would usually expect to find in places like Afghanistan and Sudan yet have been on the rise in the US. Noah decided to give a brief history lesson on militias, starting with Dick Law, which provided a “a clear separation between organised and unorganised militias”.

He continued: “Like freedom of speech and trash-ass weaves, militias go back to the very beginning of America.”

But while there was once a need for them, that has since fallen away. “In today’s age, militias are a lot like wiping your ass with leaves,” he said. “They used to be all we had but with all the progress society has made, if you’re still doing that shit, you’re probably a little crazy.”

Militias were on the rise after Obama became president. “Well well well we meet again racism,” Noah said before attacking a theory at the time that many people feared he wouldn’t vacate the White House at the end of his second term. “As soon as he could, Obama was out, winning Oscars and windsurfing,” he said.

Noah added: “If you wanna dress in army fatigues and train for war, you can do that in the military and they pay you and they give you health insurance.”