JNU Violence: Shun all Deepika Padukone movies, says BJP’s Tajinder Bagga

Mumbai: There was a pleasant surprise for the students of JNU on Tuesday evening. None other than Deepika Padukone dropped by; she hung around for about 10 minutes and left without saying anything.

But that was enough to rub BJP's Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga on the wrong side. He lost no time in calling for a boycott of her films. "I request my all friends to boycott Deepika’s movies for her support to the Tukde-Tukde gang," wrote Bagga.

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But bans don’t bother the Padmaavat actress much. She has been through these motions before with the like of Karni Sena.

The actress, in all fairness, was in Delhi to promote her upcoming film Chhapaak; while visiting the varsity she was in an all-black ensemble – possibly to show her solidarity with the students. She was greeted with the customary chants of 'azadi' which perhaps raised Bagga’s hackles.

Soon after Deepika left, Swara Bhasker, whose parents stay on the campus, hailed the visit. On Monday, Padukone had spoken to NDTV about the protests, saying that she was proud "people are not scared".

"I feel proud that we are not scared, the fact that we are thinking about this and about the future of our country... it is nice to see people are coming out on the streets to voice this and express [themselves]. Because if we want to see change, this is very important," she said.

In an interview to Aaj Tak on Tuesday, Deepika shared her angst over the recent violence. "I am very angry at what is happening, but it is worse that no action has been taken," said Pakudone.