These Are Joe Biden's Favorite Restaurants

Cheyenne Buckingham
·2-min read

The election is next week and by this point, you likely know everything there is to know about each candidate's political viewpoints. But what about the more light-hearted fun facts, such as their favorite local restaurants?

Food&Wine contributor Betsy Andrews recently visited Joe Biden's hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, where she documented her experiences eating at some of Biden's favorite haunts. Andrews first stopped by the Charcoal Pit, an award-winning burger joint that's been serving customers since 1956. Inside, a photo of Biden and longtime cook and manager of the restaurant, Lupe Avilez, hangs on the wall. (Related: 15 Classic American Desserts That Deserve a Comeback)

"Everybody knows Joe," Avilez told Andrews. "He's come here so many, so many, so many times." That claim doesn't seem to be an exaggeration either, because as Andrews reports, the waitress who brought her a cheeseburger said it was, "made just the way Joe likes it, thick and lumpy."

Many of the local restaurateurs know Biden's usual orders by heart. One of Andrews' next stops in town included Cafe Verdi, where Biden's usual go-to dish is chicken parmigiana, described on the menu as a "boneless cutlet of chicken lightly breaded and gently fried, topped with marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella." Dan Butler, the chef and owner of the hand-rolled pasta shop, Piccolina Toscana, revealed to Andrews that Biden's favorite dish at his restaurant is the cappellini al pomodoro. However, he also adds that if the former vice president is "feeling racy" his order of choice is the penne al Pomodoro.

All this checks out with what former President Barack Obama said Biden's favorite foods are. In September, Biden's running mate Kamala Harris asked Obama to spill the tea on some of Biden's favorites, and he delivered. "Ice cream is big. Pasta with red sauce, he can go deep on that."

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