Joe Biden's Pet Pooch Major 'Indogurated' as First US Dog-elect ahead of Presidential Inauguration

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Two days ahead of President-elect Joe Biden, his dog, also the first shelter dog to make to the White House, was 'indogurated' through a virtual ceremony.

The First Dog-elect Major Biden was 'indogurated' by singer-songwriter Josh Groban. The 39-year-old singer had reportedly landed the gig after pleading to Major's dad, who is to be inaugurated himself on January 20 as the 46th President of the United States.

"Joe Biden, please let me sing for this," Groban wrote in one of his Instagram stories regarding the virtual celebration, which was organised by Delaware Humane Association, from where Major, the german shepherd, was adopted by the Bidens in 2018, reports ANI.

Groban closed the event, hosted by Today's Jill Martin, with the rewrite of "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window" by Patti Page, changing the lyrics to

"I'm adopting that doggie in the window."

Along with Major, Champ, the Bidens' another pet german shepherd, will also be coming along to the White House to live with the First Family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington in 2021.

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Both Champ and Major are quite the celebrities on social media already, and often appear online posts, wearing cute Biden campaign sashes on their paws.

Champ was gifted to Joe Biden by his wife Jill in 2008 as a gift when he became Vice President under Barack Obama. According to reports, Champ, the older of the two dogs, has already been to the White House, but this will be the first time for Major.

However, the virtual indoguration event was attended by many and close to a $1,00,000 fund was raised for the non-profit organisation that shelters dogs.

Prior to the event, a picture of Major and Joe Biden suiting together wa sshared by Biden's daughter, Naomi Biden, who said, "Ready for #Indoguration".

Biden's victory marks the return of dogs after four years of canine-fee years in the White House in the Trump years. Though this is not the first time the White House had had resident pet dogs, Biden is the first US President to bring a shelter dog to the US. Before Major there was Yuki, a mixed breed pup, who was rescued by the 36th US Congress President's daughter after it was abandoned by the owner at a gas station in Texas. Former President George Clinton's family also adopted a black-and-white cat named 'Socks' after it allegedly jumped into Shelley Clinton's arms while she was leaving a piano lesson, as reported.