Joe Wicks in hospital after injured hand began to 'throb and pulsate like liquid magma'

Joe Wicks has been conducting his exercise classes with an injured hand. (Photo by Comic Relief/BBC Children in Need/Comic Relief via Getty Images)

Joe Wicks has shared that his injured hand left him in hospital once more to undergo another bout of surgery.

When the fitness star started up his daily PE lessons in March, he was seen wearing a support brace on his arm after falling off his bike and breaking a bone in his hand which led to doctors inserting wires into his hand to help him recover.

After a check-up on Thursday where he said doctors decided not to remove the wires, Wicks noted the following morning via his Instagram Stories that he had experienced a night of disrupted sleep as his hand swelled and started to "throb and pulsate like liquid hot magma".

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The 33-year-old still went through with his Friday exercise class before heading to Kingston Hospital where he divulged that while his bones had healed, his soft tissue was inflamed and he would subsequently be operated on to remove the wires.

Wicks went on to share videos of himself in hospital as he told fans he would be staying overnight as his surgery was moved to Saturday.

The father-of-two also disclosed details of the pain he was in, telling followers: "This infection ain't no joke, I've had codeine up to my eyeballs, they've given me some liquid morphine and it ain't even taken the edge of it. It's still absolutely throbbing."

Wicks later showed that he was hooked up to a drip of liquid paracetamol which eased his pain before expressing his gratitude for the NHS.

'The Body Coach' has been raising funds for NHS charities via the advertisement revenue generated through his weekday workout videos for schoolchildren.

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He's also launched a range of t-shirts with 100% of the proceeds going to NHS Charities Together.

On Friday, Wicks said £90,000 had been raised in two days of the t-shirts going on sale.