John Oliver and Donald Trump want to get rid of this political tool

On Last Week Tonight, in an unusual turn of events, John Oliver found common ground with Donald Trump on the subject of abolishing the Senate's filibuster rule, a political tactic used by Senators to delay or block a vote by extending the debate.

Oliver played a clip of Trump calling for the elimination of the filibuster rule at one of his campaign rallies, and said, "There's just nothing that can make you question one of your beliefs quite like Donald Trump sharing it."

"The fact that Donald Trump is in favor of ending the filibuster is a good reminder of the serious risk here: The side you agree with won't always be in power. Abolishing the filibuster would make it easier for everyone to do things, including people you might not agree with," said Oliver.

Oliver referred to the rule as an "overused tool of obstruction" and debunked common arguments in favor of keeping the filibuster. "‘We've always had it.’ No, we haven't. ‘It enables debate.’ No, it doesn't. ‘It protects minorities.’ Not the ones you’re thinking of,” said Oliver, noting that the "minorities" whose rights have historically been protected by the filibuster actual referrers to the "political minority" who have often used it to restrict the rights of racial minority groups. "The Senate's own website calls the filibuster "Particularly useful to Southern Senators who sought to block civil rights legislation," added Oliver.

The Last Week Tonight host cited examples of meaningful bipartisan legislation that died because of the filibuster: "from the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill to the Paycheck Fairness Act to the public option in Obamacare."

With Trump's endless political ideas and opinions, Oliver said it was inevitable they agree on some things, and that didn't stop with abolishing the filibuster. "For example, he and I both enjoy a good ‘hamberder’ -- we do. We both think James Comey is a big pasty goober -- it's true. And neither of us are willing to Google Tiffany Trump's birthday. We're not completely different, he and I," joked the comedian.

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