John Travolta opens up about loss of wife Kelly Preston

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John Travolta and late actor Kelly Preston
John Travolta and late actor Kelly Preston

California [US], April 23 (ANI): American actor John Travolta recently opened up about the loss of his wife, Kelly Preston.

According to Fox News, Preston died in July 2020 after a fight with breast cancer.

The 67-year-old 'Grease' star has now spoken about his mourning process with Spanish publisher Esquire Espana and the lessons Travolta has learned.

"I learned that mourning someone, is something personal. Mourning is individual and experiencing your own journey is what can lead to healing. This is different from someone else's journey," he shared, per Google Translate

The famed actor said that "the most important thing" someone can do for a person is mourning "is to allow them to live it and not complicate it with yours."

He explained, "Let's say you lose someone and at the funeral, you are very sad, another person approaches who is feeling sadder and then does not leave enough space for you to mourn. Otherwise, it will be two boats plummeting to the bottom. That is my experience."

The 'Face/Off' star said, "The first thing you should do when you experience grief is to go to a place where you can mourn, without any interference. If I die tomorrow, the last thing I want to see is that everyone around is sunk."

As reported by Fox News, Travolta shared the news of Preston's passing on Instagram last summer. (ANI)