'John Wick-4': What we know so far about this actioner?

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19 Jul 2021: 'John Wick-4': What we know so far about this actioner?

We all know that Keanu Reeves is returning with the fourth instalment of John Wick. There's a huge buzz around this action flick, given that one of the main antagonists has been cast already. But many are wondering whether Wick's dog will be of a new breed this time? Also, if the film will spin around Wick and Bowery King's revenge. Let's explore.

Plot: Bowery King mentions 'Mr. Watanabe' will play a crucial role

Both Bowery King and Wick have been scarred by the High Table. In the fourth chapter, they might seek revenge against them. In fact, Laurence Fishburne, who plays King, has said that the script is "really, really cool." He also confirmed that it'll be "deeper in the code of assassin, and that Mr. Watanabe will be the heart and soul" of the movie.

Cast: Who is returning in the film and who is not?

Most of the main cast members are returning. Lionsgate has closed the deal with Ian McShane, who comes back as the balanced yet powerful Winston. We'll also see Donnie Yen, Rina Sawayama, Lance Reddick, and Shamier Anderson. Moreover, Hiroyuki Sanada has been signed for an "undisclosed role" in the movie. Rumors claim that he will play "Mr. Watanabe." However, that's yet to be confirmed.

Others: Which dog breed will get featured in 'John Wick 4'?

This franchise has a deep connection with dogs. In fact, they are the ones who've churned out emotions, been the motivation and were even the endearing co-stars. The entire franchise started because Wick's puppy got hit by a Russian mob boss's son. Chapter 3 also had three of them, including Wick's pitbull. So, buzz around his four-legged companion in John Wick 4 is immense.

Information: The movie will hit the big screens in May, 2022

All the instalments of the neo-noir action thriller franchise have been directed by Chad Stahelski, who will helm this edition too. Shay Hatten and Michael Finch have penned down the script. This film began production on June 28, 2021, and it will take place in Paris, Berlin, Germany, New York, and Japan. It is slated to hit the big screens on May 27, 2022.

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