These 'Joker' memes are tickling Internet's funny bones

The dark psychological thriller from DC universe made headlines for all the controversies regarding the portrayal of violence. Guess the internets is over that now!

After making the audiences cry and gasp, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker is here to make us laugh. So 'Put your happy face on' here are some Joker memes that are going viral on the internet:

Todd Phillip’s Joker released on October 2 and won the audiences heart. Joaquin Phoenix have received a lot of praises for his portrayal of the iconic DC villain.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is the origin story of the DC supervillain. The makers have given a completely new perspective to the story. The movie revolves around Arthur Fleck, a man who feels neglected by the society and ends up finding his kick in crime and violence. Fleck has a neurological condition called Pathological Laughter and Crying (PLC). It makes him laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate occasions. But rather than laughing along, it makes your heart twitch for Fleck. The movie did make the audiences feel creeped out however right now its making netizens LOL.

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