Jonathan Riff Plans Debut Of ‘Otok Journal’ In November – Here’s What We Know

Jonathan Riff

Not many people in the world have what it takes to achieve a big dream. While some people are satisfied with the simplicity of their 9 to 5 jobs and a modest lifestyle, there are those who live for their ambitions and crave travel & adventure, these folks are the people who not only have the courage to think big but also possess the passion to make things happen. Such is the story of Jonathan Riff.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Development and Management and gaining some experience in Sustainable Tourism Development, Riff decided to move halfway across the world to make his biggest dream come true—run his very own boutique hotel on the Adriatic coast. In January 2016, he moved to Croatia with his wife and completely transformed a Communist Social House into an 18-room designer boutique hotel. In a few years, Jonathan had managed to make The Admiral Zaton one of the best boutique hotels in all of Croatia.

Now that he is back in the US, Riff plans to explore the local travel and hospitality industry. He’s all set to launch Otok Journal—a biannual travel and lifestyle magazine, in which each issue will focus on a particular destination, sharing engaging interviews of its residents and travelers, beautiful photo essays and heart-warming stories. Riff is also working on a book which highlights the challenges he faced while living and running a business in Croatia. Titled When the Tourists Leave, the book will hit the shelves in November 2019.

Speaking of his passion for travel and hospitality, Riff said, “I got into hospitality because I admired the joy and enrichment traveling can bring to a person’s life. There is nothing better than sharing a part of your culture and history with a stranger.”

Through Otok Journal, readers can enjoy gripping stories about some of the most exotic destinations in the world and learn how to make the most of their future travels. Riff knows the kind of challenges one can come across in a foreign land and how to tackle them, having experienced them first-hand in Croatia. He plans on doing in-depth research on each location to give his readers cultural insights, sharing information on historical attractions to visit, local cuisines to savour and unique hotels to opt for.

Jonathan went to share how his experiences in Croatia had shaped his thinking and prepared him for the future, he now dreams of building many more hotels in the smaller towns of the beautiful country of Croatia. “We hope to be doing this for years to come. This is our start and we plan to open more of these hotels across the country. We would of course make some small and intimate changes to make each establishment unique and iconic,” Riff said.

With the first issue all set to launch in November 2019, Riff is doing his best to give Otok Journal the take-off it deserves and give its readers the kind of insight and information they wouldn’t come across anywhere else.

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